How to snag that deal with your wedding vendors

17th February, 2016

How to snag that deal with your wedding vendors

Everyone likes a good deal, especially if it involves tons of savings! When negotiating with wedding vendors, here are some important things to remember:

Be honest with your budget. Wedding vendors will always give you options based on what you envision for your big day and will revisit these choices if and when concerns arise.  It will more beneficial to be honest right from the get go!

Do your homework. We are not just talking about the vendor-hunting itself – it would also be good to know the elements (florals, for example) that make up your wedding day and be aware of how they are priced and what other available options there are.  You can price-compare with other vendors with similar experiences.

Never pit your wedding vendors against their competition. If you live in a small city (or a popular wedding destination), chances are, there will be more options and competition among wedding vendors. Don’t pit them against each other or threaten you’ll go with someone else. You’ll never know if that competition is a close friend of theirs and might give the others a heads up that you are not really great to work with.

Do not assume you deserve a great deal. Negotiating is always tricky business. Timing, approach and how you say it matters. Vendors will offer you options to get a good deal, but never assume they owe you a big discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask if there are other options or better deals, but always be considerate and appreciative of their effort and services.

Lowballing isn’t the way to go. When negotiating for deals, always look for vendors who can work close to your budget. While vendors do have wiggle room when it comes to pricing, it may be unlikely that they can cut the prices by half and cover the cost of their services.

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