How to save your sanity when choosing your registry gifts

17th November, 2013

How to save your sanity when choosing your registry gifts

When it comes to wedding registries, many people think it’s a fun thing to do… and why not? You are making a wish list which will eventually come true as your big day comes. However, many overlook the fact that couples sometimes have a hard time agreeing as to which items make it to the list and  which ones don’t (and that’s not really fun, is it?).

Well, worry not anymore. Here’s how to stay sane during the process.

Don’t overthink it.

You’ve got your dress, your bridesmaids, your shower and everything about your wedding in your head to worry about, so the last thing you want now is to break down at your favorite shop (or in front of your computer) over which flatware goes with this and that. Hey, take it easy. You can always exchange them, okay?

Do not forget to ask your groom.

He may have told you before that he doesn’t care about what you put in there, but that’s not really true. If he’s not into shopping at stores or online, you can ask him what items he thinks he will enjoy and add those in your wedding registry.

Ask for help.

Most brides don’t know where to start, given the hundreds of stores and online shops that offer great stuff for newlyweds. These things can be overwhelming, especially if you have tons of other things in your mind. Have your mum or sisters help you out. They can go over your list and see things you may have missed or have brilliant ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

Don’t return your gifts one at a time.

Once the word about your registry is out, you can expect the presents to start rolling in quickly. You might have the urge to return the duplicates or mismatches right away, however, you will save more time(and sanity)  if you do it all at once.

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