How to pick items for your Gift Registry

19th August, 2013

How to pick items for your Gift Registry

We all know it. Gift registries like Thankyou help our guests big time when it comes to gift ideas. However, when it comes to picking what goes into your gift registry, many people, including couples about to marry, simply put everything they can think of on their gift list.

Truth is, while you can put anything you want on your gift registry, it’s bad strategy to just put an item there without thinking about it first. Brides and grooms, if you do it this way, you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t really need (and it’ll be too late when you realize this!)

So how do you pick the items for your registry? Thankyou’s gift registry experts say:

The best way to start is to list what you already have.

If you have lived together for quite some time, you may already have bought some kitchen stuff and home décor yourself. If you are listing traditional wedding gifts, you will be able to identify the things you still need when you take note of the ones you already own and the ones that you need to replace.

If you are doing a non-traditional gift registry (honeymoon, wishing well, charity etc), tell your guests how their contribution gifts will be used.

Your guests would love to know that they will be giving you something that you’ll enjoy and make your  future life better. Many Occasion Organisers at Thankyou who create honeymoon registries list the experiences they’d love to go to during their holiday. Their guests, on the other hand, love that they are sending them off somewhere to enjoy or helping them with any of their future goals (savings, a new house or a renovation). It makes a great and unique gift, plus you don’t have to spend hours shopping around for a wedding present.

Make sure to have items with a wide variety of prices on the registry.

It’s always in good taste to consider everyone’s gift budget. Create a balance between the lesser, middle and higher priced items in your registry so that everyone has a chance to choose something that’s suited to their budget.

Here’s one final tip: If you pick the gifts that are of immediate use to you, it’ll be easier to write your thank-you’s for these items. You can tell your guests truthfully on how you love using the gift without trying so hard to say something tactfully. Plus, if it’s something you will really use, it’ll make your life easier and save you time and money. If your guests drops by, it’s also easier to show them that their gift is in use!

So, if you keep it real right from the start, it follows all the way through – from the moment you receive the gift to writing your thank-you notes and when you are actually using the gift!

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