How to pick a great Valentines Day gift

14th February, 2014

How to pick a great Valentines Day gift

Hi there! Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Love giving special gifts during this season?  Sometimes it becomes tricky to pick something other than the classic red roses  or heart shaped balloons and chocolates, right? Worry not, Thankyou is here to give you some tips – and this works for both you guys and gals out there.

  • Choose a present that can be used all year round. Anything that has “Happy Valentines Day” written on it might just collect dust until the next Valentines Day, so go for something that can be used any time of the year.

  • This one’s for the girls – don’t just buy something for yourself and then spin it as a gift for your special one.  While he likes you in a pretty lingerie, make sure you wrap something that is just for him as well.

  • Like in many gift giving occasions, always bear in mind the person’s interests and hobbies. Some may feel it’s repetitive, but there are instances when it’s best to cater to a person’s interests than try to get something he or she may not like.

  • Look for a gift that you can both enjoy or share – it’s what the day is all about! Food, wine or that really-hard-to-find-movie-on-DVD might just make your Valentines Day extra special.

  • Never break the bank. Keep a modest budget for your gift. Feeling the need to splurge? Hey, maybe you can save the cash for a big gift on his or her birthday instead.

  • Add a nice message to your gift. Now yes, you can be all cheesy and mushy here, or you can top off your present with a really sentimental or a very funny message on your card. Cherry on top of the ice cream!

Ready to shop now? Good luck and have a lovely Valentines Day!

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