How to list gifts on Thankyou

4th June, 2013

How to list gifts on Thankyou

Hi there! Thanks for creating a Gift Registry on Thankyou! You have made a fabulous choice to make all your wishes come true on your special occasion.

Our fab people from Customer Service are here to help you out today with listing your  gifts.  Below is a quick guide that will help you list your gifts – whether you want your guests to contribute cash online or let them shop for it wherever they want! So, here it goes…

The basics

First, setting up your gift registry is free. How’s that for a fabulous start? And it gets even better. You can list 10 gifts for free. Pretty cool, eh?

Do you need to list more then 10 gifts? This is where you can get the registry upgrades. What are these and how much do they cost?

10 extra gifts upgrade is $ 19.95 (£12.95),  and the Unlimited gifts upgrade is $49.95 (£29.95)

Giving Method

Giving Method is the choice that you let your guests have when you put gifts in your registry. There are three types of giving methods on Thankyou. These are:

Shop Somewhere Else – Your guests can select a gift of this type, remove it from your list and shop for it at a store of their choice or at a store you have suggested, either online or in town.

Contribute Online – Your guests can give any amount they wish toward an item in your gift registry using their credit card (for AU dollars) or Paypal (for other currencies). These contributed funds then will be transferred to your nominated account once you process a redemption on your gift registry.

Guest Choice – Your guests have two options: They can choose to Shop Somewhere Else or Contribute Online for the gift. This is by far the most popular method. It keeps everyone happy. The Guest can choose to give cash without being asked for it or follow the more traditional path and actually organise the purchase and delivery of the gift.

Note to Occasion Organisers: When you list a gift on your gift registry, the default giving method for it is Guest Choice. You can change this by editing the details of the gift – simply click on the Edit link next to the item and change the Gift Type to either Shop Somewhere Else or Contribute Online.

When you choose Contribute Online or leave it on default as Guest Choice, make sure you also set up your online contribution details in the Setup Options tab. You can put in your bank details (if you choose AUD as your currency) or Paypal account (if you choose other available currencies). Double check if the details (bank account numbers, etc.) are accurate in order to prevent issues when redeeming your funds.

Some other upgrades you might be interested in:

Customised guest link

Want to personalise your gift registry’s URL? Upgrade to customise it (it’s just $4.95!) and you can change your gift registry’s link from to . Cool, right?

Remove Guest fees upgrade

When you Guests use Thankyou to contribute cash to your gifts, they are also charged a small Thankyou service fee (it’s 3.9% on top of their contribution). You can have this fee removed by upgrading your account for a one-off fee of $89 (£59 ).

Note that this fee only removes the Thankyou service fee. Bank fees still apply (it’s usually around 1-2%).

Pretty clear isn’t it?

Do you have more questions? Perfect! We are always happy to help! Drop us a line at or if you wish to chat, take a look at our website for the contact phone number nearest to you. You can also post your questions below in Comments.

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