Preventing Theft At Your Wedding

14th June, 2016

Preventing Theft At Your Wedding

It may seem that nothing will ever dampen a special moment like your big day. However, from the reports we’ve read from different parts of the world, wedding gifts theft isn’t such a streatch, especially if you are too busy to notice a wedding crasher. (Did you hear about the wedding gifts thief in Germany? There was another one in Florida USA too).

These unfortunate incident can be prevented. We here at Thankyou have some quick, practical tips:

  • If you are having a big reception (say you have 200 or more guests for example), and your venue is in a high-traffic area, you may want to consider hiring additional security in order to avoid theft and be on hand to help with that drunken uncle or best mate!

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How to snag that deal with your wedding vendors

17th February, 2016

How to snag that deal with your wedding vendors

Everyone likes a good deal, especially if it involves tons of savings! When negotiating with wedding vendors, here are some important things to remember:

Be honest with your budget. Wedding vendors will always give you options based on what you envision for your big day and will revisit these choices if and when concerns arise.  It will more beneficial to be honest right from the get go!

Do your homework. We are not just talking about the vendor-hunting itself – it would also be good to know the elements (florals, for example) that make up your wedding day and be aware of how they are priced and what other available options there are.  You can price-compare with other vendors with similar experiences. Click here to continue reading

5 Tips on how to spend your holiday budget wisely

15th December, 2015

5 Tips on how to spend your holiday budget wisely

It’s Christmas season again and you know what this means…. it’s shopping time!

Many of us have become smart shoppers in the recent years. We’ve always looked out for great deals not just from our favourite shops but also from online stores. Of course, comparison shopping always helps us stretch our budget and gives us room for more savings (or more gifts for everyone!).

The holidays, as we all know, is all-out to get you. The décor, the music, lights and heavenly smell of the Christmas season is in every store on every street! Shoppers are frantic, moods manic at the whole atmosphere is just completely different compared to the other months of the year. It is pure seduction.

Financially speaking, this can be a danger to shoppers who will cross boundaries they’ve set when it comes to holiday shopping. Let’s face it, once in our lives at Christmas, we’ve thought that it is okay to spend a little more freely for just this one time. The truth is, we sometimes forget that we will be paying for our holiday shopping expenses in the next months (or years) to come.

So, here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track with your holiday spending: Click here to continue reading

How to shop smart this holiday season

2nd December, 2015

How to shop smart this holiday season

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where everyone seems eager to shop! Of course, holidays always imply that there are gifts to be given, thanksgiving meals to be shared and a long list of activities for the season.

So are you one of those proactive folks who have done their shopping throughout the year and are ready to wrap your gifts while others are still trying to find their way in crowded malls?


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5 Wedding planning nightmares and how to handle them

31st July, 2015

5 Wedding planning nightmares and how to handle them

Congratulations! You are just a few steps further to forever and ever with the one you love. Now all you need to iron out are a few more details…. but, hey, wait. What?

What just happened here?

The groom-zilla. Future husband has turned into the grouchiest person on the planet and does not help you out with the wedding planning.

The solution: Give him a kick on the head. Just kidding! Well, you might just be misinterpreting this. Breathe. Think. Perhaps he is not into choosing the place cards or the tablescape at your reception. Give him a task that guys usually are interested in (you know – cars, food, the band…) Click here to continue reading

How to plan a multicultural wedding

22nd July, 2015

How to plan a multicultural wedding

Wedding planning is a great teacher when it comes to lessons in compromise. Pleasing everyone is nearly impossible and the stakes are even higher when you are planning a wedding between a couple from two different cultures.

It is probably simple to decide which of those generations-old traditions and customs should make it to the ceremony if the choices were to be based on celebrating the love of the bride and groom and at the same time honouring both their cultures equally. However, there are three things that you should first take care of well in advance. Here are some helpful tips: Click here to continue reading

How to pick the right housewarming gift

15th July, 2015

How to pick the right housewarming gift

Do you have a friend or family member who recently just moved into a new home? It’s always thoughtful to bring along a housewarming gift and it is a wonderful gesture to welcome the new folks into your neighborhood.

Just like any gift-giving occasion, you will need to choose the right gifts! Here are some very useful tips: Click here to continue reading

Observe proper wedding gift etiquette. Forget the old rules!

8th July, 2015

Observe proper wedding gift etiquette. Forget the old rules!

Confused about the etiquette of gift giving at weddings? Yes? We we agree, some of the do’s and dont’s are a little outdated in today’s day and age. But worry no more. We’ve put together a gift giving guide for you:

  • Give a present if you were invited to a wedding, whether you intend to go or not. The one and only exception here is if the invitation came from a non-relative whom you don’t really see very much anymore. In this case,  you may simply send the couple your best wishes. Click here to continue reading

How to make Mum happy on Mother’s Day

2nd May, 2014

How to make Mum happy on Mother’s Day

Want to do something to Mum’s delight on Mother’s Day? Here’s what we propose:

  1. Work on something she would be proud of.  You should plan early for this one.  Want her to see how your grades at school went up?  Oh, you’ve done that? How about you complete a chore your mum doesn’t like much (or perhaps something she’s been chasing you to do)?

  2. Write a heartfelt letter. Be specific about the things she does and let her know you are thankful for them –especially those she thinks you don’t really notice.

  3. Proclaim her Queen for the day. Do everything she wishes you to do, no questions asked. Tip: turn off your phone today so she gets your undivided attention.

  4. Put together a “favorite things” basket. Fill it with all the stuff she likes most – you can add in a few of your own favorites too that you are sure she will love.

  5. Spent the whole day with her. Time with you is one of the most precious things that your mum will appreciate, so free up your schedule for this day and enjoy it with your mum.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Supermums out there!

Tips in giving personalised gifts

21st February, 2014

Tips in giving personalised gifts

Love giving personalised gifts?

It’s a classic idea and never goes out of trend. In fact, it makes a present seem more planned and thoughtful. Here are a few tips for everyone who wishes give a personalised gift:


Choose high contrast, complementing colors for embroidery to make the name or initials pop. You can also do tone-on-tone (same color, but lighter or darker for the initials) for a more chic look.

Character count

When you place your order for a personalised item, ask the shop or designer how many characters or lines you are allowed. In short, make sure your message fits on the gift!


Consider engraving or laser etching, too! They make a great and lasting impression.


Yes, photos are great for personalizing your gifts! Use baby photos, wedding images or snaps from your holidays to create a great design on almost anything – phone cases, mugs, Rubick’s cube or even ties!

Order ahead

Some personalised gifts may take a couple of days to finish, especially if you are ordering during   particular seasons like Valentines, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s day. Order early if yours will take a longer time frame to finish.