How to create a registry for your second baby

16th July, 2016

How to create a registry for your second baby

Baby number 2 on the way? On the fence about creating a gift registry this time? Well, you are not alone. Many second time mums find it difficult to decide whether to create one or not.

Here, let us help you out. Here are the advantages if you have a gift registry:

Your second baby may have different needs as opposed to your first born. Moreover, baby products always get updated and safety standards change as the years go by. Now, when you create your second baby’s registry, it is best to carefully select items that conform to the current safety rules. This way, you will also be able provide a guide for your family and friends in picking a gift that’s safe for your little one.

Aside from baby products, you also get the opportunity to register for stuff that will help decorate baby’s room or switch to the latest in baby gear.  Some of these items may only be sold online and having a registry that allows you to list any item from any online store will definitely be a great help. You may also be planning to do things differently this time, like breastfeeding your child or cloth diapering them. Hence, having a second baby registry will be useful as ever.

On your baby gift registry, you can list items from any store or list them for guests to contribute to. This way, your guests have an option to either shop around for a gift or simply contribute any amount toward any of the gifts on your registry.

Nowadays, baby gift registries are well-appreciated by almost everyone (especially those who have no idea how to buy baby stuff). So, enjoy your second baby shower and  have fun. Don’t forget to say thank-you to your guests, alright?

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