How to avoid killing each other during your wedding planning

1st October, 2013

How to avoid killing each other during your wedding planning

We know it’s a huge task to plan a wedding and along the way, there will be the most stressful moments you’ll have to face. At these times, you might find it hard to keep the love alive, so here are some tips for you to keep the peace and avoid the meltdown.

Establish the rules right from the onset of your planning.

Hammer out all the issues and differences in opinions and decisions. Did you want to get married in your hometown while he wants to have a destination wedding? You’ll have to settle this right from the get go.

Don’t force the groom to do the task he couldn’t care less about.

Never press your groom to make decision about the things he’s not really into. Give him the tasks that suit his interests.  To sound horribly sexist, let him take care of the transportation, the band, your wedding website – anything where his skills shine!

Avoid turning into a bridezilla.

Be cool. Being angry and controlling will lead to a lot of conflict and resentment, so be comfortable and don’t let the stress take over you.

Don’t criticize each other’s parents /family.

Both of you may need to vent sometimes, however, there is always a perfect time and place for that.

Never let the planning  take over your lives.

It may seem impossible – with many details to look into, contracts waiting to be signed, vendors to be met and interviewed…. Try to take some time off together during a weekend or any day you like and avoid the wedding talk.

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