How ‘green’ is your Gift Registry?

8th June, 2013

How ‘green’ is your Gift Registry?

You’ve heard this before – “it’s not easy being green!”.

Well, for us at Thankyou, it is.

Create a gift registry online with contribution gifts and you’ll save on many things – time, fuel costs, gift wrapping, store delivery fees and all the guesswork that your guests are going through!

List anything you wish – all the eco-friendly stuff you need for home or for your new baby. Environment advocates will love how flexible the registry is – you can even put in a favorite environmental charity and have your guests donate to the cause.

Thankyou loves the environment as much as you do. That’s why we offer an eco-friendly way to celebrate the big occasions in your life.

Set up your environment-friendly gift registry today and we’ll help you and your guests with rest.

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