What to list on your Honeymoon registry

11th April, 2014

What to list on your Honeymoon registry

Wondering how to fill out your honeymoon registry on Thankyou? You can list everything but if you need a guide in organising yours, let us help you out! Here are the things  you can include:

Experiences and activities

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to explore and try activities you’ve never done before, particularly those unique to the region you plan to spend your holiday in.  That being said, make sure you list and detail each of the activities you wish to experience during your trip. Include the most exciting and memorable excursions that your guests will be thrilled to give you as a wedding present. Click here to continue reading

Quick Tips: Honeymoon registries

22nd September, 2013

Quick Tips: Honeymoon registries

There are a bunch of honeymoon registries out there, all offering something great. Here are some tips from the Thankyou Registry experts:

Choose an independent honeymoon registry.

Much like the other occasions you’ve registered for, an independent gift registry is a great choice. That’s why Thankyou lets you make the choices on what to include in your registry. If you have a honeymoon registry at Thankyou, you are not limited to what a travel agency or a resort has to offer. You can list anything! Adventures, tours, RnR treatments, dinners or even your accommodations and tickets. The best thing about this? You can list them all for free.

Know the fees.

Yep! It’s one of the most important things. Read the fine print, folks. Some registries aren’t actually free, but we at Thankyou know how valuable it is for you to know what you will be getting into upfront! So, we laid it all out in our FAQs and make sure it’s all crystal clear. Check it out.

List some extras.

Many couples may have already booked their flights and accommodations for their honeymoon before creating their registry, and if you’ve already done so, you can also list the perks you may not have planned spending on, maybe a sunset cruise or a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant for your guests to contribute to. They will love giving  you the gift of such experience, and we are certain you’re gonna love it too!

The coolest things about Honeymoon Registries

5th June, 2013

The coolest things about Honeymoon Registries

Ah, it’s one of those wedding-related things that people may either find tacky or tasteful. The thing is, honeymoon registries like Thankyou, have become a big trend over the past few years!

So why is this so cool? Check out the top reasons:

It’s easy and fun to create one – and you can list anything!

Honeymoon registries, which are mostly created online, are very easy to use – for Guests and Bride and Grooms alike. On Thankyou, you can list any activity or experience you’d like on your honeymoon – skydiving, romantic candlelit dinners, museum tours, island hopping or just about anything you want to experience. Click here to continue reading

Expert Advice: Creating Your Honeymoon Registry

17th December, 2012

Expert Advice: Creating Your Honeymoon Registry

Your big day has been a wonderful success and now, you are gearing up for your first vacation together as a married couple. Your honeymoon is the most exciting and unforgettable experience. Guess what? Your guests would love to be part of this too!

When you invite someone to your wedding, they automatically think of buying a gift – something unique, memorable, useful and something that you will absolutely love. This is why a gift registry is important. Today, many couples are already settled and established and don’t need many gifts for their home, hence, they choose to register for honeymoon gifts instead. When you create a honeymoon gift registry, your guests have a chance to send you off to unique experiences on your first big holiday as a married couple.

If you feel that a honeymoon registry suits you,  here is our expert advice on setting it up on Thankyou: Click here to continue reading

A Basic Guide To Planning Your Honeymoon

13th March, 2012

A Basic Guide To Planning Your Honeymoon

In the course of your wedding plans, you will spend numerous weeks deciding on the perfect wedding dress, the food that will be served at your reception and the ideal venue for your special day. However, dont forget to spend the same amount of time on energy on your honeymoon plans!

Most of the time, a honeymoon is something that takes a backseat in a couple’s wedding planning. A honeymoon is the first holiday you will spend together as husband and wife, and naturally, you will want this to be unforgettable and extra special. Therefore, the activities that you should be planning for this trip should suit both your tastes. Among the top choices for honeymooners are exotic beaches like in Maldives, Thailand or an island on the Great Barrier Reef. There is a wide range of options when it comes to a romantic island honeymoon, however, many couples prefer different adventures like surfing, skydiving or mountain climbing adventures. Whatever you choose remember that some RnR (Rest and Relaxation!) will be in order after the excited of the wedding, so make sure you factor this in!

So how do you plan a honeymoon? First of all, set aside some of you time thinking of this trip and then, follow these useful tips: Click here to continue reading