Hard to hear: You’re not invited

7th August, 2013

Hard to hear: You’re not invited

There’ll be less hurt feelings and drama if you know how to tell friends that they’re not invited to your big day. Of course, we’re not saying you’d have to contact them or show up on their front door just to tell them they’re not invited…. this is just in case they ask!

Here’s a quick piece of advice from Thankyou on how to tactfully do it:

Say it personally. Do NOT send an email, text,  Facebook message or Tweet them. Be brave and tell them in person or over the phone. Explain how much they mean to you but unfortunately you only have a limited budget or venue space . It might be a little awkward telling them about your wedding budget or venue constraints, but if that’s what it really is, then be honest. Most people understand especially when you explain to them properly!

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