Hard to hear: When your family hates your mate…

27th July, 2013

Hard to hear: When your family hates your mate…

Is your family not so thrilled with your future husband or wife? It is tough, but don’t get defensive. There’s a way to bring them together even before your big day. Thankyou was able to gather some wonderful tips:

  • Ask your family and friends why they don’t like him or her. Get the facts straight. An open communication will help a lot and you may even be surprised with their reasons. Maybe they misinterpreted your future spouse’s shyness or misunderstood something that he or she said before. Tell them how much you love him or her – it will help them to try harder to accept your future husband or wife.

  • Sometimes, it’s just them worrying about you leaving them behind, so, show them how much you care! Some family members may feel jealous of your future spouse. They may have the mindset that he or she is taking you away from them – meaning, you may not make it to many occasions with them now that you have decided to start your own family. They will see less of you because of your new priorities. If you make them feel still cherished and irreplaceable, they may learn to accept and love your spouse too.
  • Your family wants the best for you, so be open minded. Be open to the fact that people can be blinded by too much love,so, they tend or choose to ignore the other person’s faults. Be certain about your feelings!
  • Never wait to long to address this issue. Keep in mind that once an opinion about your partner or your relationship has been established, it might be more difficult to convince them to accept your future spouse. Act fast. Speak up when issues come up or you and your spouse’s resentment may pile up and affect family relationships.
  • Stand by your mate. Stay committed to your partner whatever happens. In the end, it’s the both of you who will live together in marriage. When you present yourselves united (but still friendly) despite all the odds, the road to your dream wedding will be less bumpy.

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