Hard to hear: Baby shower no-shows

31st July, 2013

Hard to hear: Baby shower no-shows

You’ve spent many years trying to have a baby, and now that you have received and announced the good news, everyone around you is as excited as you are! One of the fun things about being pregnant is having a baby shower. Most of the time, someone else arranges this event for you – either your best friend or your sister or anyone in the family who volunteered to organise the party in your honor.

However, there is always this “fear” of your guests not showing up and this applies to many occasions as well – weddings, birthdays, housewarming etc. What if you’ve already planned a small gathering and it turned out to be extremely small in the end?

When your guests start canceling their RSVP or tell you or the host that they can’t attend the party, keep your chin up and your head high! Set your focus on the wonderful family and friends who have decided to celebrate with you, because as your motherhood journey goes on (and it gets crazier!), having a few best-type friends is just perfect.

Yes, you are also entitled to get hurt, especially if some of your guests did not even call to say they can’t come. If you feel emotional (pregnancy hormones, hello there!)  and would like to have a little cry inside the bathroom, go ahead. This does not mean you are going to feel this way about your no-show guests forever, but it is always best to let your pregnancy feelings out than fight and try to bottle them up.

Eventually, these emotions will go, especially when you’ve already had the baby! Your social landscape  will change in a big way whether you like it or not. There are friends who will stick with you, friends whom you might drift away from or drift away from you. You’ll get a picture of the people and things that matter and those that don’t, so enjoy the one that matter now!

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