Happy Birthday! Do You Have A Gift Registry?

17th February, 2012

Happy Birthday! Do You Have A Gift Registry?
Birthday celebrations for both children and grown-ups are very special occasions. A child’s 1st  birthday, a teen’s 18th or  an adult’s 50th and so on are milestones in life that everybody loves to celebrate and be thankful for. Therefore, many of us throw parties whenever these birthdays occur.

Birthday parties are among the many events that also involve gift giving. Although birthdays are about celebrations of life, it has become a norm to give the birthday boy or girl a gift during the occasion. While is not mandatory to give a gift, we always naturally exert an effort to give our friends or relatives something that will make them feel that their birthday is also special to us. We call them, ask them what they want or simply check with them if they have birthday registries listed somewhere.

The concept of birthday registries is similar to wedding and baby shower registries. As we have mentioned in our previous blog post, the mere idea of having a gift registry remains a hotly debated subject among traditionalists and modernists. For birthdays (particularly for children), having a gift registry  has also generated strong opinions among party hosts and guests.  Some agree that it is ultimately practical and useful for all occasions. Others find it okay to have them for weddings and baby showers but not for birthdays, and still, some are totally opposed to the idea  of having one.

The range of benefits from using birthday registries are great, but the question of its appropriateness for the occasion is the main topic of the debate. Here are just some of the general ideas we have gathered from discussion forums and blog comments:

Birthday registries are tacky because…

They take out the element of thought in gift giving.
They are simply presumptuous.
Parties are about celebrations and not gift grabs.
Celebrants, especially children, should be thankful for whatever gifts they receive, be it useful or not.

On the other hand, birthday registries are practical and useful because…..

It is a way to make sure you, as a guest, are getting something that the person likes.
It ensures that you do not buy the same item as other guests (especially for children!)
It only serves as a suggestion list and no one is required to use it. You can still buy a gift of your choice.
It gives guests an idea of what you like in case guests ask what they can get you for the occasion.
It helps you buy an age-appropriate gifts for children/teens celebrating their birthday.
It gives value to the money you will be spending for the gift, knowing it will be appreciated by the celebrant.

Today, practicality has definitely outweighed tacky when it comes to birthday gift registries. As long as you ask nicely (and this is where Thankyou can help you out!), your birthday registry will work for you AND your guests.

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