Guest Guide: When is the right time to purchase from a wedding registry?

27th November, 2013

Guest Guide:  When is the right time to purchase from a wedding registry?

Great question! Guests often wonder if it’s too early or too late to buy a gift from a couple’s registry. Is there etiquette surrounding this? One thing is for sure, choosing a gift from the registry is most ideal, because at the end of the day, these are the things that the couple will appreciate. If you are currently confused about all the etiquette about weddings and the like, here are some guidelines for you:

How soon do you have to make the purchase?

You can do this anytime leading up to the occasion date and in some cases, up to almost a year after the wedding. Traditional retailers or store gift registries sometimes give the option for couples to keep their registry 6 to 12 months after their wedding day.  All gift registries at Thankyou remain active up to 9 months after the occasion date.

What if the gift has to be shipped?

Purchasing something and wondering what your delivery options are?  If you’ve gone to the couple’s store registry, chances are, they have already set up a delivery method, so no need to sweat it! However, since more couples nowadays are using online gift registries like Thankyou, this makes it even a lot easier! You get a variety of options, choose to give cash instead of purchasing an actual gift, or buy the gift listed in the registry at a shop convenient to you. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

If you’ve purchased online, what will you bring to the wedding?

Naturally, you won’t have to carry around a bulky present during the ceremonies and at the reception anymore. That’s the convenience that gift registries bring you!  All you have to do now is to have a great time at the wedding.

If you have used a Thankyou wedding registry,  the couple will see your gift once they log in to their account. No worries here either! Oh, last tip: Don’t forget to leave them a note there too!

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