Guest Guide: How to use Thankyou’s Online Registry

21st March, 2013

Guest Guide: How to use Thankyou’s Online Registry

Are you looking for a friend or relative’s online registry on Thankyou? Our Customer Service team has written a quick guide for you (but of course, you can always call them for help!)

Okay, let’s start looking….

1. On, you can click on either: “Find A Registry” or “Guest Lounge”.

2. In the FIND A REGISTRY box, you’ll only need to enter two pieces of information. Whatever combination of Last Name / Date / Occasion Type works for you – then click on “Find Registry”. The search results will be displayed for you to look at.

3. Once you find the name you’re looking for, just hit the “View Gift Registry” button and voila! There’s your friend’s gift registry page. Sometimes, a registry is protected by a Guest Word (like a password) and you would usually find it in the invitations.

Not there? Oh no… we don’t have it either (that’s how secure it is). You will need to call your friend or the party host for it.

…and now, let’s select and purchase a gift!

Now that you’ve found the online registry, simply click on “Select A Gift” to view the list. Take a look and see which one you’d like to give.

You will notice there’s a Giving Method right next to the item you have chosen. Let’s explain this bit…. If it says:

Contribute Online – You can give any amount (of the full amount of the gift, if you wish) using your credit card. Click on the “Select Item” button for the gift, enter your card details,email address and the amount you’d like to give. You can even send a note together with your contribution. The transaction will be automatically processed once you click on the confirm button. Super quick, super easy.

Shop Somewhere Else –  You get to go shopping in town or online (whatever you prefer, or wherever the item is available). Usually, there’s a suggested store in the gift registry where you can buy the gift, but you can also shop for it somewhere else – your favorite store or at the one most convenient to you. It’s your call, but before heading out the door, don’t forget to select and remove this item from the gift registry to make sure no one else buys the same gift as yours!

Guest Choice – For Guest choice items, you get to either shop for the gift yourself, or make an Online Contribution instead. You can do whatever suits your preference or time. Your friend will surely appreciate it either way!

Oh, and take note: you should receive a confirmation email from Thankyou for the item/s you have selected in the online registry. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check the Junk folder. Still isn’t there? Call or email us and we’ll send you another one right away.

Want to double check and see the items you have selected?

Check the gifts you have previously selected by going back to the online registry page and clicking on ‘view previously selected items’. Just enter your email address in the box just above the gift list and that’s it!

You may edit the details or update the status of the gift from there – just click on ‘change status’ and  then save the changes you’ve made.

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