Guest Guide: Don’t wear these at a summer wedding!

7th September, 2013

Guest Guide: Don’t wear these at a summer wedding!

Have a bunch of weddings to attend to in the summer? Yeah, it seems like the wedding season doesn’t really end, does it? Now before you start your serial shopping for outfits to wear to these upcoming nuptials, let’s give you a piece of advice. Don’t wear the following:

An all white dress.

While there is technically nothing wrong with it, some people might just talk! (‘oh, she’s the one who’s trying to steal the show by wearing all white!’ etc.). Well, suffice it to say, just let the big day be about the bride. Save the white dress for other special occasions.

All black.

Yes, black is sexy and slimming, but we don’t recommend you wear it to a wedding (and a summer wedding at that!). The color is usually associated with funerals but weddings are happy occasions! Incorporate the color in your accessories instead.


Okay, unless the couple’s wedding theme is jeans and they are getting married in them, do not go to a wedding with yours.

Skimpy clothes/club wear.

Weddings are classy occasions. Don’t wear what you wore to the bachelorette party or the club the other night. The reception may feature dancing but it’s not the same as the club.

Enjoy the wedding!

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