Guest Experiences on Gift Registries

19th March, 2013

Guest Experiences on Gift Registries

A recent article on Yahoo! was published about gift registries and how they dampen the “wedding experience for guests”. Yes, that really caught our attention.

In the article, a study authored by Tonya Williams Bradford of the University of Notre Dame said that while gift registries are convenient, they “they tend to de-emphasize the traditional role that family members once played in helping a new couple arrange its household.”

Bradford stated that decades ago,  it was the bride’s mother’s main role to create a home for the blended families, however, with the use of bridal registries, couples have outsourced this sacred tradition to the marketplace. She also mentioned that gift giving used to be more sentimental and that today, everything is pretty much purchased with a lot of people  not really giving  much thought to customising their gift.

There were a bunch of comments  after this article went online.

Our question is… do gift registries (store or online) really “dampen the wedding experience” for me or you as a guest?

Having been in the online gift registry business for many years, many of our guests actually say….

No, they don’t…. and they shouldn’t! A list of suggested gifts that you are not mandated to buy from shouldn’t spoil the happiness and excitement of being able to celebrate the union of two people in love. As a guest, one would love to honor and celebrate a couple’s marriage by giving them a present they want, be it a traditional gift or cash (which is always greatly appreciated, don’t you agree?) or a donation to their favorite charity.

Here’s a great tip from our guests: if  you find something else that is not listed and you think it would go with their theme or complement with the items on their gift registry, go ahead and shop for that gift. You only need to keep in mind that you are not obliged to buy from the list. Look at it as a guide, a suggestion list… a tool to give you an idea of the things that the newlyweds wish for.

This is why Thankyou lets their brides and grooms organise their gift registries however they want. As an occasion organiser, you can list anything your heart desires and let your guests choose which gift giving method works for them.

Our guests love the convenience – you would too and we are pretty sure about that.

What are your experiences in buying off a gift registry? Share your stories below.

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