Great off-registry gift ideas for newlyweds

20th December, 2013

Great off-registry gift ideas for newlyweds

Did you just run out of things to buy on the registry for the newlyweds?  It happens.  Maybe you don’t have the budget for the gifts left in the list?

Don’t worry! We have some awesome gift ideas that might help you. Check these out:


It’s always been a tradition to give wine to the newlyweds as gifts. However, we’re not talking here about those wines you can easily pick up at the supermarket on your way to the reception. We are referring to a personalised bottle, one with their name and wedding date or a special message on the label. What’s so great about this gift is that it can be treasured even after the contents have been consumed. The couple can refill it with their home-made wine or use it has a candle holder!


Still thinking that giving monetary gifts is tacky and classless? That’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, many couples have already lived together before getting married, so they have all the necessary things at home already. They won’t need more pots or pans or another blender. Giving them cash is the best option!

Tickets for two

Hey, want to surprise them with something really special? If you know the couple very well and think that they will enjoy watching a game, a concert or take a trip to a place they wish to go, give them tickets! It will create great memories for them for sure.

Do you have other off-registry gift ideas? Tell us about them in comments below.

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