Got engaged? What NOT to do now…

18th February, 2014

Got engaged? What NOT to do now…

Hey there, congratulations on your engagement! Are you planning to get married in 2014? Okay, things can get really exciting at this point, but, hold your horses and read this.

There’s quite a few things you should NOT be doing after you get engaged. Surprised? Let’s give you an idea. Here are some of them:

Inviting everyone you know to your wedding

Of course, once you do this, you will find it hard to un-invite them. Don’t do this, especially if you are still in the stages of planning your wedding (and how much it costs). You still have no idea how many people will make it to your groom’s guest list either, so hold off the verbal invites until you’ve finalized everything.

Telling your wedding party that you will pay for their expenses.

No, no, no. Even if you have the best intentions, you won’t really know how much their total wedding expenses will be. Plus, if a good friend agrees to be one of your bridesmaids because you told her you’ll take care of the costs and then later say you can’t, you might upset her.

Telling your folks that they can help in planning whatever they want for the wedding.

Your overexcitement might blind you to the fact that your parents ‘ help might even cause more issues (inviting all their friends or pressuring you to go for a church wedding). Speak to your groom first about your priorities in planning and determine which tasks can be delegated to your folks.

Buying the first wedding dress you see.

This is one of the tasks that you won’t have to rush through. Shop around  and experience trying on different dresses. Before you know it, you’ll have quite a few to choose from aside from first one you saw. Plus, you can score a great deal if you look around. You might find another dress at a shop offering a great discount!

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