Gift Registry 101 for guests and occasion organisers

7th April, 2014

Gift Registry 101 for guests and occasion organisers

There are a lot of questions surrounding wedding gifts and gift registries. Have you got one in mind? Read on, the answers might just be here:

Q: How many items should I put on the registry?

A: Register for more gift items than the number of your guests especially if you have both online and store registries. Make sure that you choose items with a wide range of price points. Include things that are not part of a set, like a standing mixer, candle holders or a coffee pot. You can also choose to list big-ticket items (furniture, electronics, camping gear etc) for guests who wish to contribute to and buy you a big gift.

Q: Is it okay to bring gifts to the reception?

A: It depends. If you have the registry information, check carefully if the couple  prefers to have the gifts delivered to their home address or if they have a designated gift table at the reception where you can place your present.

Q: When is the appropriate time to send the thank-you notes?

A: If you received your wedding present before your big day, send a thank-you note within two weeks after receipt. For any presents you received on or after the wedding, make sure to mail your thank-yous within a month of returning from your honeymoon.

Q: We have just announced our engagement—when do we start our registry?

A: If you have determined a date for your wedding, aim to register at least a few months before the big day. This will give you a lot of time to organize and think carefully about the items you wish to put in your list. Here’s one big tip for you: Most guests will take a look at your registry a week or a few days before your wedding date. Have a list of relevant items to add to your list when you update your registry just in case most of the gifts have already been purchased by other guests.

Q. How long should we keep the registry open?

A. If you are registered at Thankyou, your registry will remain active 9 months after the wedding. Some couples leave it open until it is automatically deactivated. You can request to close your registry anytime after your wedding. If your aren’t with Thankyou Registry, check out your gift registry’s policy on this matter.

Q. How do I let the guests know about the gift registry?

A. This is the part couples are most unsure of. Etiquette dictates that you should not include the information in your invitations, but you can get the information out through many ways. You can have your parents, your bridal shower hostess, your wedding party spread the information to your guests, or if you have a wedding website, set a page where you can post the details about your gift registry.

Q. I would like to give cash as a present, what would be a good amount?

A. Most guests spend between $100 and $200 on a wedding present, but of course, the amount of cash gift still depends on what you can afford, your relationship with the couple and what is customary in your community.

Q. Is it appropriate to create a registry even if you have been married before?

A. It is absolutely okay! While gifts are not a requirement, your guests will still want to get you a present (that’s for sure!). That’s why creating a registry helps.

Q. I am confused – do I give a separate gifts for the shower/engagement party and for the wedding itself?

A. Do bring a gift to the shower – if it is a themed shower, play along with the gift themes that the host has organised. In case you get invited to more than one shower, you only need to give a gift at one of them. You can get a small gift for the bridal shower and get a big one for the wedding. If you cannot attend, there is no need to send a gift (although you may send one if you wish). If you are invited to the wedding ceremony itself, send a gift whether you can attend or not. Do not forget to check the gift registry if there is one.

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