Guest Experience – Making Giving Meaningful and Straightforward

25th June, 2011

Guest Experience – Making Giving Meaningful and Straightforward

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one is not always easy. Even if you are familiar with their lifestyle, personal taste, and habits, you may not always know what items they already have, or what they need at the time you have been invited to one of their parties.

Of course, if the party hosts have set up a gift registry, your problems are solved. Participating in an online gift registry has many great advantages for the hosts as well as their guests.  Online gift registries are easy to use and save everyone lots of time. They also guarantee that your gift will not be a disappointment, as whatever you buy will be something the birthday boy, anniversary couple, expectant mother, bride and groom, or anyone else celebrating a special occasion personally picked out.

How to use the gift registry

If you decide to participate in the recommended gift registry, go to the home page and select the   “Find a registry” search option. Enter the occasion type, the last name of the person you want to buy the gift for, and the date of the celebration. Once the search is completed, pick the event you are invited to, and type in the “guest word,” which is the registry password you received together with your party invitation. Browse through the gift list until you settle on an item you want to purchase.

Visiting a gift registry is not a one-time deal. You can log on any time, and as often as you want. This is a wonderful feature, allowing you to take as long as you need to choose a present you feel is appropriate, and affordable for your budget. Even if you did not find something the first two visits, maybe the third time around something will catch your eye.  Like guests, hosts also have unlimited access and can add gift ideas at any time.

Gift registries are not limited to gifts only. If you feel the urge to contribute a sum of money, rather than buy an abstract oil painting, a tabletop ironing board, or a metal hummingbird and flower wind chime, you have that option as well. You can also do partial payments on expensive gifts, or change a gift. This is possible as long as your initial gift has not been completely processed. As you can see, the services of an online gift registry are extensive and truly worthwhile taking advantage of.

Gift delivery

Online gift registry services are straightforward and if questions do arise, customer service representatives are always standing by to explain how the process works. They also can advise you on gift delivery options.

As the buyer, you can decide when and where your gift will be delivered. It can be sent straight to your home, so you can take it with you to the party, or you have it conveniently dropped off at any location of your choosing, be it a wedding reception venue in Melbourne, or retirement home in Perth. This is a wonderful feature, especially if you were invited to a celebration, yet are unable to attend.


Online gift registries are convenient and easy-to-use. They guarantee that your gift will be appreciated. If you feel that it takes away some of the surprise, you can always accessorize your gift and add a flower bouquet, gourmet treats, and an occasion-appropriate wish card. Including those personal touches will make your gift extraordinary, and turn into a present that will always be remembered.

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