Gift Registry 101 for guests and occasion organisers

7th April, 2014

Gift Registry 101 for guests and occasion organisers

There are a lot of questions surrounding wedding gifts and gift registries. Have you got one in mind? Read on, the answers might just be here:

Q: How many items should I put on the registry?

A: Register for more gift items than the number of your guests especially if you have both online and store registries. Make sure that you choose items with a wide range of price points. Include things that are not part of a set, like a standing mixer, candle holders or a coffee pot. You can also choose to list big-ticket items (furniture, electronics, camping gear etc) for guests who wish to contribute to and buy you a big gift. Click here to continue reading

Quick Tips: Keep on track and organise your wedding registry

24th February, 2014

Quick Tips: Keep on track and organise your wedding registry

Creating a wedding registry is one of the most exciting times in the planning process. Just like most of the aspects of your big day, there are many do’s and don’t’s that come with it.

First of all, decide what type of wedding registry you both would like to have. Do you prefer a traditional one or a modern registry? This will help you decide which stores and items are best suited to your taste. Or would you prefer the alternate route and go for an online wedding registry where you can simply list anything you like, including non-traditional gifts? Click here to continue reading

Creating the perfect gift registry for you

13th December, 2013

Creating the perfect gift registry for you

Registering for gifts is fun – it’s just like shopping for free, isn’t it?  However, don’t get carried away too much folks. A gift registry should be seen as an added bonus and is not mandatory – nor should you expect guests to purchase from the list at all.

Almost all couples today use a gift registry and it’s not unheard of for some to register in multiple stores. In this case, our gift registry experts advise couples to not have more than 3 registries, because if you do, it can get very confusing.

So where do you begin? Click here to continue reading

Guest Guide: When is the right time to purchase from a wedding registry?

27th November, 2013

Guest Guide:  When is the right time to purchase from a wedding registry?

Great question! Guests often wonder if it’s too early or too late to buy a gift from a couple’s registry. Is there etiquette surrounding this? One thing is for sure, choosing a gift from the registry is most ideal, because at the end of the day, these are the things that the couple will appreciate. If you are currently confused about all the etiquette about weddings and the like, here are some guidelines for you:

How soon do you have to make the purchase?

You can do this anytime leading up to the occasion date and in some cases, up to almost a year after the wedding. Traditional retailers or store gift registries sometimes give the option for couples to keep their registry 6 to 12 months after their wedding day.  All gift registries at Thankyou remain active up to 9 months after the occasion date.

What if the gift has to be shipped?

Purchasing something and wondering what your delivery options are?  If you’ve gone to the couple’s store registry, chances are, they have already set up a delivery method, so no need to sweat it! However, since more couples nowadays are using online gift registries like Thankyou, this makes it even a lot easier! You get a variety of options, choose to give cash instead of purchasing an actual gift, or buy the gift listed in the registry at a shop convenient to you. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

If you’ve purchased online, what will you bring to the wedding?

Naturally, you won’t have to carry around a bulky present during the ceremonies and at the reception anymore. That’s the convenience that gift registries bring you!  All you have to do now is to have a great time at the wedding.

If you have used a Thankyou wedding registry,  the couple will see your gift once they log in to their account. No worries here either! Oh, last tip: Don’t forget to leave them a note there too!

To register or not to register

22nd November, 2013

To register or not to register

It’s down to a few more months before this year goes again, but the discussion on whether or not to register for wedding gifts simply never ends.

Should you or should you not register? Which side of the debate are you on?

There may be some points that you and your guests must have overlooked if you are against registering for gifts. Here they are:

  • Gift registries are incredibly helpful and organised. It’s never a “greedy” thing to register and most wedding guests find it as a very convenient and efficient way to give you a unique gift that you would treasure. Click here to continue reading

How to save your sanity when choosing your registry gifts

17th November, 2013

How to save your sanity when choosing your registry gifts

When it comes to wedding registries, many people think it’s a fun thing to do… and why not? You are making a wish list which will eventually come true as your big day comes. However, many overlook the fact that couples sometimes have a hard time agreeing as to which items make it to the list and  which ones don’t (and that’s not really fun, is it?).

Well, worry not anymore. Here’s how to stay sane during the process.

Don’t overthink it.

You’ve got your dress, your bridesmaids, your shower and everything about your wedding in your head to worry about, so the last thing you want now is to break down at your favorite shop (or in front of your computer) over which flatware goes with this and that. Hey, take it easy. You can always exchange them, okay? Click here to continue reading

How to pick items for your Gift Registry

19th August, 2013

How to pick items for your Gift Registry

We all know it. Gift registries like Thankyou help our guests big time when it comes to gift ideas. However, when it comes to picking what goes into your gift registry, many people, including couples about to marry, simply put everything they can think of on their gift list.

Truth is, while you can put anything you want on your gift registry, it’s bad strategy to just put an item there without thinking about it first. Brides and grooms, if you do it this way, you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t really need (and it’ll be too late when you realize this!)

So how do you pick the items for your registry? Thankyou’s gift registry experts say:

The best way to start is to list what you already have.

If you have lived together for quite some time, you may already have bought some kitchen stuff and home décor yourself. If you are listing traditional wedding gifts, you will be able to identify the things you still need when you take note of the ones you already own and the ones that you need to replace. Click here to continue reading

The wedding Gift Registry: Grooms want in!

28th July, 2013

The wedding Gift Registry: Grooms want in!

In the past, many men would politely bow out when it was time to head out and pick items for the wedding registry. Grooms would smile sweetly and just say “whatever you want, dear” with the talk of china patterns, but, it has all changed now. Online gift registries like Thankyou have given the guys a new found empowerment in choosing the items they want, too!

It’s a couple’s registry after all, so why shouldn’t he get involved? The fact is, many gift registries here at Thankyou are also set up by the grooms themselves! How cool is that?

At Thankyou, the grooms are no longer limited to the standard department store items. They can create a gift registry without ever walking into a shop, and with the option to list anything from any store anywhere, sky is the limit!

She wants Wedgwood, he wants camping gear. No problem! Everything can be listed at Thankyou. That is the beauty of a versatile online gift registry. You can even put your store registry information on your Thankyou gift registry, so they’re all in a single list. Convenient and easier for everyone, isn’t it?

It’s fun to see the guys excited about setting up the wedding registry! Is your future spouse involved in picking the registry gifts too?

Thankyou Guest guide: Selected gifts that are still on the gift registry

6th July, 2013

Thankyou Guest guide: Selected gifts that are still on the gift registry

Hello our lovely guests! Are you wondering why the gift you have selected is still on the registry?  Here are the possibilities:

  • The Occasion Organiser might have requested for more than 1. This is why if you’ve selected the default quantity of 1 for the gift and the organiser registered for two or more, the item will still be there for the next guest to select.

  • If it’s an online contribution gift, the amount of the gift may have been left blank by the occasion organiser.

  • There is an “Always Display” option for gifts that are listed and the organiser may have chosen this option (this usually is selected by an occasion organiser for requests for charity donations)

If you are still worried about it, you can contact the organiser directly, or, contact us! Write a quick email to Customer Service. They’ll be able to clear things up in a jiffy.

Top Reasons why Guests wish you have a Gift Registry

27th June, 2013

Top Reasons why Guests wish you have a Gift Registry

You’re getting married.  Your planning is going along smoothly. However, for some reason, you did not set up a gift registry.

Now you are getting gazillions of phone calls from your guests all day long, all week long – all of them asking what you’d like for a wedding gift or where you are registered. No matter how much you adore these people, answering phone calls or text messages during the course of a busy wedding planning or working day can become overwhelming and definitely takes up a lot of precious time.

Your guests will keep on asking unless you give them a guide or an idea of what kind of gifts to shop for. Here’s why they wish you actually have a gift registry:

Click here to continue reading