Gift Registries – Finding A Tasteful Way Of Asking For What You Want

26th June, 2011

Gift Registries – Finding A Tasteful Way Of Asking For What You Want

Any time a big occasion arises, you wonder what kind of gifts you will receive. Will they be tasteful, useful, and fit into your lifestyle, or will you collect items that will eventually disappear to the back of your cupboard?

The best way to avoid these situations is to start a gift registry. This is an excellent solution and one that has been welcomed many times over by numerous participants. Whether you are getting married, are planning a baby shower, or organizing a birthday or housewarming party, signing up with a reputable gift registry company has indeed many great advantages. They include:

  • You register the gifts you like.
  • You can pick gifts of any size or price range.
  • Your selection can include gifts from any vendor anywhere in the world

  • You can also accept cash contributions through a gift registry like ‘’
  • You can invite guests from all over the world to your registry – they do not have to be local.
  • Your guests can have their gifts delivered directly to you if they are unable to attend the event.
  • You do not have to drive around town to find stores that allow gift registries, and have ample merchandise you like.
  • You can alter your gift registries any time you want, from any place that has Internet access. This means that if you fall in love with an embroidered towel set, a 12V cordless high performance drill, a balloon ride over the countryside, a convertible baby car seat, or anything else, you can add it to your gift registry. If you change your mind about a gift, you can easily remove it.
  • You and your guests will save tremendous amounts of time as nobody has to drive to get to a wish list, add or remove gifts, or buy them.

The benefits of signing up for a gift registry are endless and will make everyone happy. You will sleep better knowing that you will receive gifts you will appreciate, while your guests are happy that the navy silk scarf shawl, the single-serve blender, or dual alarm clock radio with time projection system they picked out from your list will be treasured.

There are no disappointments if you sign up for an online gift registry. Duplicate gifts are out – we have all heard the horror stories about newlyweds receiving 2 blenders, 3 toasters, and numerous ice buckets – and you can still expect surprises. In the end, you are aware of what you will receive, but you won’t know from whom.

You also don’t know if your guests will simply stick to the gift or accessorise it with something extra. Maybe you will find beautiful handmade candles in the box of the vintage crystal candle holders you have been ogling for the past year, or a set of assorted screwdrivers in the 6-drawer metal tool chest on wheels. Chances are you will also receive flowers, chocolates and treats, wine, cash contributions towards larger items and an occasion-appropriate wish card.

When it comes to gifting, the imagination of your friends and family will stretch much further than you could ever dream. They take your happiness to heart and will do anything to give you a gift you will appreciate tremendously and enjoy. How far will that imagination extend? The only way to find out is to sign up for a gift registry, sit back and enjoy the party!

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