Gift Registries – How It All Began

1st November, 2011

Gift Registries – How It All Began
Have you ever wondered how the idea of a gift registry came about? Let us take you a few decades back and give you a quick history of how the convenience of this gift listing trend started.
Back in the early days, the giving of wedding gifts became a tradition. Upon their marriage, the new husband and wife were showered with gifts that symbolized prosperity, fertility and fidelity. It wasn’t long before these gifts evolved into tokens that could possibly help the couple start a new family or set up their new home.

The very first wedding registry (or bridal registry as some would call it) is believed to have been created by Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago, Illinois, in 1924. This innovative idea became a success, prompting other stores to eventually follow the new trend. The idea of creating a list of items that the new couple will need after their wedding has now become a common occurrence. For many decades now, bridal registries have been embraced by couples getting  married as well as their friends and family who want to give them a gift they will treasure.

With the advent of internet technology, online shopping has become a worldwide phenomenon. It was in 1993 when the next big step in wedding registries occurred. An online bridal registry was set up by, making the entire gift registry process a whole lot easier both for the couple and those of their wedding guests with internet access. This time, the bride and groom simply created a gift list online to be viewed by their guests, who in turn, also did not have to go out of the house anymore to shop for a gift. They could simply do their shopping online, right off the Target online catalogue.

In 2004 launched an online gift registry service that enabled brides and grooms to list anything from any store anywhere in the world. The flexibility this provided brides, grooms and their guests was emormous and was instantly embraced

Today, the idea of gift registries or gift lists have been applied to many special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, engagements and housewarmings. Many online gift registries now also offer the option to create a list for charitable purposes for individuals looking into helping communities in need or donating items to non-profit organizations.

These gift registries online allow their users to merge different store registries or simply pick anything from any physical or online store anywhere in the world to be included in their gift list.

The new ideas and trends in the gift registry industry just keep getting better as online technology continues to develop. In the future, we can probably expect a lot of brilliant ideas in using online gift registries for different purposes. Right now, the convenience they bring to occasion organizers and guests is simply amazing and is very well appreciated.

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