The perfect gift!

5th March, 2018

Its is often hard to know what the perfect gift is.

Over the last 14 years we’ve seen some truly perfect gifts listed at thankyou. One of our favourites were some supporting beams for a home rennovation! The couple had asked for “support” from their friends and their guests kindly obliged helping put a roof over their heads!

Many couples have asked for contributions towards their favourite childrens charitíes.

One couple simply asked friends and family to shop local.

From dining tables to sit and enjoy time together through to power tools and drought tolerent plants, Thankyou enables couples to list gifts that are perfect.

Tell us what your perfect gift is.

5 gifts your mum will love this Mother’s Day

6th May, 2016

5 gifts your mum will love this Mother’s Day

We all know what Mother’s Day is all about – yes it’s showing some love for mum! Even if all you can afford is a simple card that spells out how much you appreciate and care about her, it’ll do just fine! For mum, it’s always the thought that counts.

However, when you’ve got the funds to indulge mum’s little wishes, go for it! However, most mums wouldn’t actually request for a present for this day. Most mums we know would just maybe like a good day off or a relaxing massage. Classy and classic!

Well , you can give her those and maybe some of these as well: Click here to continue reading

Gift hacks for the men who have it all

18th June, 2015

Gift hacks for the men who have it all

So what do you get a guy who has everything (and we mean everything) -you know, like Prince William for example?

It is Prince William’s birthday on Sunday, and most of us would probably think, what could he possibly want? William has been getting great gifts since he was born! He’s got a beautiful wife, gorgeous kids and the throne in the future. And then it’s Father’s Day in almost all parts of the world on Sunday as well – a lot of us are probably stumped for a gift.

Boyfriends, husbands, brothers and dads can be the toughest people to shop for – especially when they are already showered with gifts from everyone, everywhere. The worse thing is, if they have their eyes on something they want, they usually buy it themselves. Aargh! So what do we do?

Here are some general tips to help you out: Click here to continue reading

How to pick a great Valentines Day gift

14th February, 2014

How to pick a great Valentines Day gift

Hi there! Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Love giving special gifts during this season?  Sometimes it becomes tricky to pick something other than the classic red roses  or heart shaped balloons and chocolates, right? Worry not, Thankyou is here to give you some tips – and this works for both you guys and gals out there. Click here to continue reading

Great off-registry gift ideas for newlyweds

20th December, 2013

Great off-registry gift ideas for newlyweds

Did you just run out of things to buy on the registry for the newlyweds?  It happens.  Maybe you don’t have the budget for the gifts left in the list?

Don’t worry! We have some awesome gift ideas that might help you. Check these out: Click here to continue reading

Gift ideas for co-workers you hardly know

5th September, 2013

Gift ideas for co-workers you hardly know

It’s September already, and for some, the last quarter of the year means the start of their holiday planning and shopping. Yeah!

Having a gift exchange at the office this year? What do you do if you picked a co-worker you barely know or someone who was just hired a week ago?

Here are some of Thankyou‘s tips to help you buy a present for them:

  • Get them a gift card. This is a safe choice because you won’t be buying anything specific. If you spot your co-worker with a Starbucks cup, perhaps a gift certificate from there won’t be a bad idea! Click here to continue reading

Engagement party gifts and tips

29th July, 2013

Engagement party gifts and tips

Many people who are invited to engagement parties are wondering if they need to bring a gift. The truth is, no one is required to bring one for engagement celebrations but if you wish to get the newly engaged a little present, here are some quick tips for you:

  • Ask if they have already set up a gift registry. If they have created one, browse the list and select the ones you wish to give to them.

  • If they don’t have a gift registry yet, you can get them a small gift. Flowers, wine, chocolates, theatre or movie tickets and the like. In many cases, guests would rather save resources to buy a gift for the wedding itself.

  • Get a nice engagement card and put in a monetary gift. Future brides and grooms always appreciate cash because it can easily be applied to their future plans – their honeymoon, a new home or for the wedding itself.

  • If you are buying an edible gift, find out first if the couple has any allergies or food restrictions. It might not do well to get sweet treats for a diabetic or a collection of chocolate covered nuts for someone with peanut allergy.

Picking a Gift for your Bridesmaids

26th July, 2013

Picking a Gift for your Bridesmaids

Yep, it might be easier to just get the same gifts for all of them, but if you have the time and wish to make it more personal for each of your lovelies, we have some tips for you!

It is important to understand why you need to give them gifts. It’s a great way to thank them for being part of your wedding. Your bridesmaids usually give time, money and attention to make everything perfect for you, so give them gifts that are sincere and thoughtful and they’ll surely appreciate it.

Here are our tips: Click here to continue reading

5 Unique gifts for your guys

15th July, 2013

5 Unique gifts for your guys

Ladies, would you agree that when it comes to gifting, we like how easy it is to shop for our boyfriends or husband? Yep, men are generally low-maintenance when it comes to gifts. You can simply slap a bow on a bottle of great wine, get an iTunes gift card or bake something delightful and they’d be happy (well mostly!).

However,what  if he has all the latest gadgets and toys and a tie won’t cut it for your big anniversary? Or what if you are simply bored with the usual gifts? Thankyou has some ideas for you! Check these out: Click here to continue reading

Gift ideas for your groomsmen

13th July, 2013

Gift ideas for your groomsmen

Hello, grooms! Are you in charge of giving gifts to your groomsmen? Stumped for ideas? It’s traditional to give thank you gifts to the groomsmen no matter now many you have. The easiest way to do this is to buy them all the same items or something they can use during the weekend of your wedding.

You can also get them individual presents, if you like, provided that the gifts have same approximate cost. Here are some traditional gifts: cuff links, flasks, personalized tees or golf balls, beer steins, money clips, Swiss knives, lighters and pocket watches.

Want to make it a little more unique?  Give them some concert tickets, sports jerseys or sunglasses. Your guys love to eat? Gift certificates to their favorite restaurants will be fantastic!

What did you get your groomsmen? Tell us about it in Comments below.