Gift ideas for co-workers you hardly know

5th September, 2013

Gift ideas for co-workers you hardly know

It’s September already, and for some, the last quarter of the year means the start of their holiday planning and shopping. Yeah!

Having a gift exchange at the office this year? What do you do if you picked a co-worker you barely know or someone who was just hired a week ago?

Here are some of Thankyou‘s tips to help you buy a present for them:

  • Get them a gift card. This is a safe choice because you won’t be buying anything specific. If you spot your co-worker with a Starbucks cup, perhaps a gift certificate from there won’t be a bad idea!

  • It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like TV or movies. A gift certificate to the cinema or an online streaming subscription will be awesome.

  • If the only thing you know about the person is their name, get them a customised gift – like an engraved pen or photo frame with their name that they can keep on their work station.

  • Ask any of your co-workers if they know the person in more depth. Inside information will help you a lot in choosing a more personal gift.

  • Everyone needs to eat, so, a gift related to food won’t be a bad idea! Get a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant and write a note about the meals you recommend the most.

  • Spy on your co-worker during break hours and check out if they prefer coffee or tea, then get gourmet tea or coffee beans for them for a nicer drink!

Final tip:  Don’t give office supplies, like a cute stapler or puncher. It doesn’t matter if it’s cute, it reminds them to get back to work!

Did you ever have to buy a gift for someone you hardly know? What did you get them? Share with us your stories and tips below.


  1. William says:

    I had some issues finding a gift for my co-worker’s birthday a few weeks ago and while searching on the net and reading your article (great ideas by the way, although i didn’t spy on her, thought that would be a little creepy lol), i stumble upon this cool website with really cool gift ideas and I had to let you know about it :p
    I ended up getting her this cool alarm o’clock (she’s late most days, so yeah) and she looooooved it!
    (this is the link if you wanna check it out

    Anyway, great post and yeah, sorry for the long comment, had to let you and your audience know about this :p

  2. Jugee says:

    Thank you, William and glad to have helped you out!

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