Gift hacks for the men who have it all

18th June, 2015

Gift hacks for the men who have it all

So what do you get a guy who has everything (and we mean everything) -you know, like Prince William for example?

It is Prince William’s birthday on Sunday, and most of us would probably think, what could he possibly want? William has been getting great gifts since he was born! He’s got a beautiful wife, gorgeous kids and the throne in the future. And then it’s Father’s Day in almost all parts of the world on Sunday as well – a lot of us are probably stumped for a gift.

Boyfriends, husbands, brothers and dads can be the toughest people to shop for – especially when they are already showered with gifts from everyone, everywhere. The worse thing is, if they have their eyes on something they want, they usually buy it themselves. Aargh! So what do we do?

Here are some general tips to help you out:

  • Ask. Don’t hesitate to do so. It’s the best way to find out what he has been wishing for! If you wish to surprise him, pay attention to what he talks about often and make mental notes to figure out what he really likes. If you are not into asking him directly, you can always ask his friends.

  • Consider his lifestyle. Does he like sports, music, parties or fitness? Is he a workaholic, passionate about charities or is an activist? These categories will help you a lot to narrow down your gift choices.

  • Factor in his age and social/financial status. Obviously if a guy is well off enough to afford anything he wants, you might want to consider a top-notch item. On the other hand, since he can probably purchase that as well, get him something meaningful or sentimental– something that represents your relationship. Remember, there are things that money can’t buy!

  • Spend time with him. Yes, a lot of guys just really like to hang out. You can take him to the movies, go partying, dine out or come along with him to a game. A wonderful day of togetherness is one that creates beautiful memories and beats any kind of gift.

Dont forget to share your great ideas with others in our community! Your great idea on what you gave your brother could be just the thing to help out Prince Harry!

We hope these tips help you out and we wish all the superdads out there a fabulous and happy Father’s Day on Sunday!


Did you know that here in Australia, we celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September instead of the third Sunday June like most countries do?

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