Gift-giving superstitions

3rd April, 2014

Gift-giving superstitions

Like many cultures who observe different traditions, a superstition is something that is always around. It surrounds many aspects in life – weddings, pregnancy, childbirth, the holidays, travelling and many more.

Guess what? Even gift-giving is surrounded by a bunch of them! There are different versions of these superstitions across different countries and as time passed, some interpretations change. Origins of these superstitions are mostly unknown, but some people certainly take them into consideration before wrapping a present for someone.

Curious what these are? Here are some of them:

  • When giving a purse, piggy bank or wallet (anything that can hold money), one should put money in it for good luck. It is also said that when you put money in a wallet you intend to give as a gift, the person you gave it to will not run out of money.

  • Never give a person a pair of shoes during Christmas. He or she will walk away from you.

  • If your partner gives you a knife as a gift, this means that your relationship will end soon. If a friend gives you one, you friendship will be broken.

  • When giving cash gifts, always observe giving in odd amounts like $51, $101 etc.

  • If you are invited to a housewarming, bring gifts of bread and salt so that the house will never know hunger.

  • Wine is also a great housewarming gift because it signifies years of sweetness in life.

  • Wanting to get long stemmed roses to give to a special someone?  Make sure it doesn’t have thorns, because they bring suffering to a relationship

  • Using the first gift that you open at your bridal shower will bring you good luck.

  • The third person who gave the third gift that is opened at the bridal shower will soon have a child.

  • Gifts that provide good luck include items with a four leaf clover, ladybug, pig, frog and a horseshoe pointing upwards.

  • Never give a mirror as a wedding gift. It brings bad luck once it is broken.

Do you know of any other gift-giving superstitions and did you consider them before buying a present for someone? Tell us about them!

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