Expert Advice: Creating Your Honeymoon Registry

17th December, 2012

Expert Advice: Creating Your Honeymoon Registry

Your big day has been a wonderful success and now, you are gearing up for your first vacation together as a married couple. Your honeymoon is the most exciting and unforgettable experience. Guess what? Your guests would love to be part of this too!

When you invite someone to your wedding, they automatically think of buying a gift – something unique, memorable, useful and something that you will absolutely love. This is why a gift registry is important. Today, many couples are already settled and established and don’t need many gifts for their home, hence, they choose to register for honeymoon gifts instead. When you create a honeymoon gift registry, your guests have a chance to send you off to unique experiences on your first big holiday as a married couple.

If you feel that a honeymoon registry suits you,  here is our expert advice on setting it up on Thankyou:

Use the Welcome Message page to share your story.

On your honeymoon registry, you can use this section not just to provide information about your gift list but also to tell your story – how you started and what you wish for as a married couple in the future. Use this page to fill in your Guests on what to expect on the day.

List specific experiences that you wish to have on your honeymoon.

Many couples ask us how to list honeymoon gifts and we recommend that you break down the items or experiences so your Guests have several options on what to purchase or make contributions towards on your registry. Gifts added to your registry automatically give Guests the choice of purchasing the gift on the spot, or shopping somewhere else and arranging the gift be delivered to you.

List High Tea at the Ritz or Bungee Jumping in Queenstown. An Eco safari in Botswana more your style? List that too! Your Guests can make cash contributions towards these experiences.

Dont forget the extra gear you’ll need – suitcases, hiking boots or the perfect designer handbag to fit in with the celebs at Tea!

Personalise it!

When you list specific honeymoon items, give it a personal feel by adding a description or why you’d love to experience it. Remember, gift giving is a personal thing and when your guests choose an experience on your honeymoon registry, they should feel that it is something that you would treasure and remember with a smile on your face.

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