Engagement party gifts and tips

29th July, 2013

Engagement party gifts and tips

Many people who are invited to engagement parties are wondering if they need to bring a gift. The truth is, no one is required to bring one for engagement celebrations but if you wish to get the newly engaged a little present, here are some quick tips for you:

  • Ask if they have already set up a gift registry. If they have created one, browse the list and select the ones you wish to give to them.

  • If they don’t have a gift registry yet, you can get them a small gift. Flowers, wine, chocolates, theatre or movie tickets and the like. In many cases, guests would rather save resources to buy a gift for the wedding itself.

  • Get a nice engagement card and put in a monetary gift. Future brides and grooms always appreciate cash because it can easily be applied to their future plans – their honeymoon, a new home or for the wedding itself.

  • If you are buying an edible gift, find out first if the couple has any allergies or food restrictions. It might not do well to get sweet treats for a diabetic or a collection of chocolate covered nuts for someone with peanut allergy.

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