Eco-Chic Weddings and Gift Ideas

23rd November, 2011

Eco-Chic Weddings and Gift Ideas
Go green!

This is a campaign that most of us support in order to somehow lessen the harmful effects of global warming in our planet. We all try to do our own share of protecting the environment and keep our natural resources alive through many different ways. As a result of this highly contagious campaign spirit,  many couples getting married have also decided to go green as well!

Eco-chic style weddings have been a trend adopted by organizers for couples who want to lessen the impact of their big day on the planet. It is a challenge for many event organizers to come up with an idea that will not sacrifice style and elegance needed for a special occasion like this, however, with creativity and resourcefulness, a “green wedding” could be as stylish and gorgeous as any conventional wedding, minus the waste. Whether you decide to go with a couple of eco-friendly items on your wedding or completely go organic, you can be sure that the choices you make can make a difference to our environment.

As part of your “go green” theme on your big day, preparing an online gift registry will help you and your guests save a lot of time, money and even paper! Most of these gift registries offer an option for you to make online invitations or do RSVP online, thereby saving you some cash and paper on your wedding invites. With a gift registry online like Thankyou, you may also set up gifts or lifestyle and experience packages for your guests to contribute to. This will lessen the wastage of wrapping paper, packaging and gift transportation or delivery.  Moreover, your guests will also appreciate the fact that they do not have to leave the house anymore to shop for a gift! You can register culinary lessons, a honeymoon getaway or have something donated to you favorite charity through your online gift list.

On the other hand, if you decide to put in gift items that your guests can purchase from a store, you may consider listing earth-friendly items like organic cotton pillowcases, duvets or sheet sets, sustainable wood frames, water filter or even kitchenware produced out of recycled materials. If you need some appliances, register for energy-saving ones that have lower carbon emissions. Your guests will be delighted to know that they will also be getting something that will not only please you but will also be beneficial to the environment.

It is wise to go for an eco-chic wedding these days, given the many factors that already contributed to the planet’s depreciating nature. Futhermore, it will give you a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you are able to do something good for mother earth while celebrating one of the most wonderful milestones in your life!

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