Hard to hear: Don’t say this to the newlyweds!

28th August, 2013

Hard to hear: Don’t say this to the newlyweds!

Avoid conversational landmines and be a spectacular wedding guest! There are times that you need to think before saying something, and in this case, let’s help you out with things that you shouldn’t tell the bride and groom. Here they are:

“This wedding must’ve cost a fortune!”

Money is often one sticky subject for couples who do not have a lot of budget, so it’s better if you keep mum! Also, ignore that ‘pay for your plate’ thing. Choose a wedding gift that reflects your relationship to the couple and not the cost of the reception meal. Click here to continue reading

Wedding budget saver: Do you really need to send Save the Date cards?

20th August, 2013

Wedding budget saver: Do you really need to send Save the Date cards?

Okay, sometimes excitement overpowers you and clouds your neurons.Then, out of your enthusiasm in wedding planning, you hop on to find some save the date cards.

Hold on. Do you really need to send one to your guests? Here’s what the experts say.

Analyze the basic things:

  • Are you planning a destination wedding that will have your guests travel and spend money to attend the  event?

  • Did you choose a holiday weekend for your wedding date?

  • Are you getting married during a long weekend?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, you should send a save-the-date card to your guests.

However, if you will be wed at your home town and your guests will be driving, say, an hour or two, to get to your wedding, it won’t be necessary to send the save-the-dates. The tradition of sending these cards is to give your guests a heads up that you are planning a ceremony somewhere far and will require them to have a budget and book their travel in advance.

Wedding Etiquette: Social media do’s and don’ts

30th June, 2013

Wedding Etiquette: Social media do’s and don’ts

If your wedding guests have smart phones, you can expect your wedding details posted everywhere on  Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. However, there are certain rules that should be observed by guests prior to pulling out that smart phone or tablet and sharing your big day’s details online.

So, wedding guests, read on and be guided:

  • Be careful not to share photos, comments or details of the wedding unless it is okay with the couple.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid snapping photos that will interfere with the professional photographer. In line with this, be mindful of using flash. Some  wedding venues do not allow this.

  • Use the couple’s special wedding hashtag (if there is one provided) when tweeting about the event. This will allow them to keep track of what their guests share online.

  • Remember that being invited to a wedding is an honor, so try your best to stay in the moment and not spend the whole time looking at your phone.

Interesting Wedding Superstitions, Traditions and Beliefs

5th March, 2012

Interesting Wedding Superstitions, Traditions and Beliefs

Weddings are occasions surrounded by numerous traditions and superstitions that are believed to bring good fortune to the married couple. Unlike other milestones in life, the beliefs surrounding marriage are among the most interesting things that many different people still continue to observe. Despite the modernity of the current era and  mindset about superstitions, there are still those who could not resist clutching something old and new whilst donning something borrowed or something blue on their wedding day – and that is just for starters!

So where exactly did these traditions originate? Click here to continue reading

Gift Registry Etiquette For Everyone

4th November, 2011

Gift Registry Etiquette For Everyone
Today it is no longer impolite to make a gift suggestion to your family and friends- providing you suggest tastefully. An online gift registry makes it simple, straightforward and fashionable to make a wish list for your special occasions. Online gift registry services allow you to prepare a list of items from any store anywhere in the world. Gift Registries provide a lot of versatility for the bride and groom or the new mother and father. and remove the guess work from gift giving. Some gift registries online also provide an option to your guests to contribute any cash amount they like to a certain item in your gift list.

In order for your gift registry to be effective and hassle-free, you should:

  • Announce your list subtly. Once you have settled all the items on your wish list, you may tell  your guests that you have an online gift registry available for their convenience. Most people will have this printed on a section in their invitations For example: Gift suggestions: thankyouregistry.com Click here to continue reading