Destination Weddings: Mexico

29th May, 2013

Destination Weddings: Mexico

The location

Mexico has attracted many couples who  plan to get married overseas. Who wouldn’t love the picture-perfect views that serve as backdrop to an unforgettable celebration? Its colonial architecture, the rich culture, Mayan ruins and pristine beaches are a wonder to behold and with a full range of excursions and activities, you and your guests will be guaranteed a fun stay during your wedding.

Looking for the perfect venue isn’t a hard task if you’re getting married in Mexico. It has a wide range of resorts that fit every couple’s budget. Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya are “action packed” locations that you will love, but if you wish to say “I do” in a lovely Mexican church, there are many choose from as well.

Before you set off to Mexico, here are the important things you need to know about tying the knot there:

The legal stuff


There’s no residency requirement in Mexico, however, you’ll be required to present your tourist card (US citizens). You should also get in touch with the civil registry office of the state where your wedding will be held because the waiting periods vary between Mexico’s states.

Intent To Marry

Although, there are no provisions with regard to posting intents in Mexico, there are state-specific policies and requirements that couples should comply with. The civil registry will be the best place to contact for this information.

Wedding Ceremonies

All civil marriages are officiated in the civil registry office and are performed by an official of that office. Weddings that are held outside the civil registry office are permitted with an additional fee that is established by the state. Couples should contact the office and schedule an appointment for marriage application. A marriage certificate is given to the couple after the ceremony and should be apostilled by the state to make it a valid document in the U.S.

Legal documents

Couples should submit their passports to the office of civil registry when getting married in Mexico. It is important to note that some states require a copy of translated and authenticated birth certificates and a tourist visa card from the Mexican consulate.

There are also medical test required from couples – all of these must be taken in Mexico. Blood and x-ray tests and a certificate from the doctor should be done within 15 days of the wedding ceremony. Blood typing, HIV and VDRL tests are also required.

If remarrying, a divorce or death certificate of the previous spouse (translated in Spanish) should be submitted.

Something else

The legality of same-sex marriages is only recognised in Mexico City and not in other parts of the country. The issue is one that is hotly debated in different states.

Religious ceremonies in Mexico do not legally constitute marriage – civil marriages are the only ones that are recognised. You must also wait one year after getting divorced in order to remarry in Mexico.

WOW! Lots to remember and all good to know before you book your flights. Remember, do your research early and and exotic Mexican wedding could be thing!

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