Destination Wedding: Canada

30th May, 2013

Destination Wedding: Canada

In one of our previous posts (Now Trending: Destination Weddings), we have given you tips about planning your destination wedding.

This time, Thankyou takes you to a specific country, to keep you informed about the most updated rules and regulations and everything important that you need to know about marriage in your choice of destination. Today,we are focusing on Canada.

So what are the things you need to know? Here’s a rundown of the essentials in getting married in Canada.

The location

The Canadian rockies, Toronto’s boutique hotels, the Niagara falls in your wedding photo’s backdrop – Canada is the perfect location for your glamorous, rustic wedding theme and its picturesque sceneries are wonders to behold.

The legal stuff

Are there any residency requirements or waiting period?

There’s none for residency, however, there will be a waiting period between the issuance of your marriage license and your big day. This depends on which province or territory where your wedding will be held. Yukon and Manitoba require a 24 hour waiting period while it is a 4-day wait if you choose to get married in Newfoundland. In Quebec, an intent-to-marry post is made public for 20 days before the date of your wedding.

What documents will be required?

When applying for a marriage license, couples are required to bring their birth certificates or passports and apply in person. In case one of the parties was previously married, a proof of divorce or a death certificate of the previous spouse is required as well. Marriage license prices vary. You will need to check the local province’s marriage office for this information.

(An important bit: In Alberta, weddings that are to be held there must have a marriage license issued by the Alberta province’s marriage office)

Marriage certificate

A Registration of Marriage bearing the signature of the couple, is completed by the officiant and must be forwarded to the Office of Vital Statistics within 48 hours. You will receive a temporary proof of marriage after the ceremonies and will need to contact Vital Statistics in order to get a copy of the official certificate of marriage.

Something else

Same sex marriage – This is recognised and legal in Canada. The Civil Marriage Act which took effect in July 2005 made Canada the 4th country in the world to recognise same-sex marriages.


Check the website of the Canadian province or territory where you are getting married in order to get the most accurate information about marriage license applications and ceremonies.

As much as possible, avoid getting married in Toronto during the fall, when the film festival is held. Hotels and restaurants are usually fully booked and prices are at the most expensive.

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