Dealing with comments about getting married

16th August, 2013

Dealing with comments about getting married

Most people around you will be overjoyed once they hear you’re getting married, but there may be a few who can ruin it for just about everyone by giving the worst comments and opinions about your big day! Here are some of those:

Do not get married.

Okay, not sure why they’d say this (can’t stand to see other people happy?). When you get a cynical statement like this one, tell the person why you are getting married. If he or she insists that it’s a bad idea, change the subject to something else they can possibly relate to.

When are you getting married? Oh, that’s inconvenient for us!

Well, chances are, you’ll be choosing a date that might not be convenient for everyone in your guest list. You most likely considered those who are most important like your parents, siblings or best friend to make sure they’d be there. If one of your guests insists that the date you picked is inconvenient, you can respond politely by saying “we didn’t intend to inconvenience anyone with the wedding”.

Those won’t look good at……You should change your wedding décor to….

Ask any bride and she’d tell you this is one of the most common things they’ve heard from people around them! Everyone has different tastes, but at the end of the day, it would be you and your partner’s choice and you who will love the décor. If somebody close to you insists that your choices don’t work, you can ask them for specifics (“neon green doesn’t match pink” etc).

Why now? You’ve been living together for years!

It’s not anyone’s business, we know. It’s your personal choice. Marriage today isn’t just about living in together but is more about blending two lifestyles committing to a lifetime of togetherness. You can respond by telling the person that you are excited about the commitment you will be making before everyone and can’t wait to start a wonderful married life.

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