Creating the perfect gift registry for you

13th December, 2013

Creating the perfect gift registry for you

Registering for gifts is fun – it’s just like shopping for free, isn’t it?  However, don’t get carried away too much folks. A gift registry should be seen as an added bonus and is not mandatory – nor should you expect guests to purchase from the list at all.

Almost all couples today use a gift registry and it’s not unheard of for some to register in multiple stores. In this case, our gift registry experts advise couples to not have more than 3 registries, because if you do, it can get very confusing.

So where do you begin?

Have a look around online and in store registries in town and compare them to find the one that suits your style. Get your list of items ready before sending out your invites so that your guests have the opportunity to purchase presents as soon as they like. Make sure you choose at least some of  the gifts together. Pick items that you will both enjoy using.

More and more couples are also opting for online gift registries like Thankyou because they are easy to setup and can be managed at any time, day or night! At Thankyou, couples can put together all their lists, even from other stores. Convenient, quick, easy and the best part? It’s free to register. Cool, eh?

If you don’t wish to list traditional wedding gifts or household items because you already have them, you can go for these alternatives – a honeymoon registry, a charity registry or an online wishing well. Want cash gifts instead? Most online registries will give you that option too! No need to feel awkward or coming across as rude or tacky.

Make your big day extra special with a Thankyou wedding registry!

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