Creating An Online Wishing Well For Your Wedding

23rd November, 2012

Creating An Online Wishing Well For Your Wedding

When people talk about wishing wells, the thing that first comes to mind is an image of a water well where you toss in a coin and make a wish. As a kid (or perhaps as an adult too!), you may have whispered your wishes to yourself beside that well while hoping your wish comes true as quickly as possible!

This idea has spawned the similar and time honoured concept of wedding wishing wells. At a wedding, you may see a customised “well” where guests can place their monetary gifts and well wishes to the married couple. These cash gifts are intended to help the newlyweds make their wishes come true – whether it’s their dream honeymoon, down payment for a new house or just about anything to get them started in their new life together.

Wedding wishing wells, have evolved in acceptance, manner and style. The modern trend of creating a wishing well online has become a popular option. The idea is practical, convenient and most of all secure, which is why a number of online gift registries like Thankyou suit the needs of brides and grooms to a tee.

An online wishing well works the same as the traditional wedding wishing well, however, since it is commonly created through a gift registry or wishing well website, guests give their cash gifts and contributions online via credit card or Paypal and the like. The contributions are then redeemed by the couple and transferred to their account and spend the cash on whatever they wish.

What are the advantages of creating an online wishing well?

You can list the “items” you’d like your guests to contribute to. Guests love the fact that they’ve played a part in making your specific wishes come true and you can then, in turn, write your thank you notes that can be personalised “ Thank you for your generous contribution to our dream house”.

Cash gifts are stored safely and securely in your wishing well account. No need to worry about any mishaps that may occur  to the traditional wishing well during your big day.

Guests need not bring cash in envelopes to the wedding. This helps prevent their gifts from being misplaced, lost or even stolen during the celebrations.

You can access and check your money any time, any where as long as you have a computer or a mobile device with internet connection. You can also update your account details and print your list as a guide for writing your thank-you notes.

Your online wishing well on Thankyou remains open for 9 months after your wedding. If you have guests who were not able to make it to your celebrations who still wish to give you a gift, they can view your wishing well online and make a contribution even after the occasion date.

Thankyou lets you create an online wishing well your way. Sign up now and let us make your wishes come true!

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