Creating a Baby Gift Registry – the Stress-free way

23rd May, 2013

Creating a Baby Gift Registry – the Stress-free way

Hey, mums-to-be, don’t let those 9 months of baby excitement get away from you without registering for your baby shower!

Creating a baby registry be time-consuming – especially when you have to go to a baby store! Oh, unless you consider yourself a pro at navigating aisles and aisles of baby products with a scanner gun on hand,  it would be best if you start off carefully and choose the best baby registry that lets you have it your way.

Here are some great tips from the Thankyou gift registry experts:

Ask for suggestions from your friends and family.

Chances are, you have at least a friend/relative/family or two who is also pregnant or have kids.  They will be very helpful in filling in your knowledge pool! These ladies surely remember how overwhelming it is to choose the right baby stuff and they will gladly give you their suggested must-haves. They can also provide you with products they’ve tried themselves – you know, those little known mum secrets!

Research baby products on the web and compare prices.

The internet is also a great way to get the latest news on baby stuff – safety standards, product reviews and customer experiences…they’re all in there! Plus, some websites may even have a special discount when purchases are made online.

Decide where to have your baby registry.

Most mums-to-be nowadays prefer an online baby registry that they can create right in the comfort of their own home. Online baby registries  like Thankyou save you more time and provide more flexibility when it comes to listing gifts. You won’t need to drive to a baby store, wear yourself out from walking through a maze of baby products and then be limited to what the shop has to offer! (And, chances are, you may need to go to another store to find the right item for your baby)

With a Thankyou baby registry, you can list all the items you need, be it from a baby store or an online shop. You can give the option for your guests to either shop for the gift themselves or contribute an amount to that gift. It is that convenient. It’s definitely stress-free…. and it will make your celebration a lot more fun!

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