Christmas Gift Registries – Are They Naughty or Nice?

2nd December, 2013

Christmas Gift Registries – Are They Naughty or Nice?

Yes, we’ve heard tacky, rude, selfish but we’ve also heard smart, useful and organised.

Christmas is in a few weeks and a lot of us may be very busy shopping for gifts now. Before you storm to the department store cashier and pay for what you think is a thoughtful holiday present for someone, have you actually asked yourself, is this what he or she really wants this year?

You’d be surprised that when it comes to gifting, a lot of us are not really paying attention to what other  people really like! Yes, we miss the boat because we ignore direct gift requests and worse, we assume that by trying an entirely different route, our gifts will be seen as much more thoughtful compared to what was specifically requested.

Here’s another surprise, folks. Since this is the case, many people, in the past years have created their Christmas wish lists online– yes, they have Christmas gift registries! Here at Thankyou, we’ve seen a surge in Christmas gift lists every year, and yes, instead of asking for gift cards that help people buy the things what they want every year, they now have a list of presents, making it a lot easier for family and friends find the perfect Christmas gift for them.

The truth and most pleasant surprise is, a lot of people also find Christmas gift registries very helpful in their holiday gift shopping. Imagine the time and money you save if you know exactly where to go and shop for someone’s gift. You don’t have to worry either if your gift suits the person you’ll be giving it to. Driving around town trying to find a holiday gift can be exhausting, and if your present turns out to be something that the person won’t be able to use, wouldn’t that be a waste of time and money? It’ll simply make you wish you knew exactly what the person wanted.

Guess what else? Studies show that gift recipients are actually more appreciative and happier if you get them exactly what they have requested for. Here’s a simple challenge, ask someone which gift they’d appreciate more – a thoughtful surprise present they may not need or can’t use, or a gift they specifically wished for and then ask yourself the same question.

You may say you are thankful for both presents but you’re more likely to appreciate the one you wished for, isn’t it?

There’s more to a Christmas registry than what other traditionalists see as impersonal and unthoughtful. It is practical. It is useful. It is gift giving made easier. Go ahead and create a tasteful Christmas gift list on Thankyou.

So what’s on your wish list this year? Put it on your Christmas gift registry on Thankyou and make those wishes come true!

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