Choosing a perfect housewarming gift

19th July, 2013

Choosing a perfect housewarming gift

Know someone who recently moved to a new home and is throwing a housewarming party? Unless they have a housewarming gift registry, you might find it difficult to find a little present. Here are some great gift ideas:


It may seem weird to some if you bring food as a gift for a friend who just moved in to a new house,  but, what else could be more appropriate? People who have just moved into a new home undoubtedly have spent  the past weeks moving to and fro and arranging their stuff. Making things easy for them by picking a food gift will be a great welcome!

There are a variety of foods to choose from – an organic collection of veggies, bread, biscuits, spices or  olive oil. A gentle reminder though – don’t show up with them in a supermarket bag! You can get a nice decorative bag or a little basket to carry it in.


A long hard house move can be very tiring. No doubt they’d all want to sit down and have a nice drink! You can bring a good bottle of wine, or, if they are not big drinkers, you can give them a collection of their favorite coffees or teas. These kind of gifts are very personal and meaningful and will always be appreciated!

Gift basket

Create a gift basket full of the essentials they are going to need but have not thought of yet – some home tools will be great, and are very useful in any home.

Are they keen gardeners? Put together a gardening pack – include some handy gardening tools and flower or vegetable seeds. It’s a great way to help them start  their own gardening adventure in their new home.

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