Cash gifts are great for baby showers, too!

24th June, 2013

Cash gifts are great for baby showers, too!

Some mums and baby shower guests have strong opinions about the appropriateness of giving and accepting cash instead of gifts during baby showers. The social stigma on cash gifts for special occasions like baby showers is pretty much outdated. After all,  it saves you the shopping trip and ensures that the mum gets what she needs for her new baby.

It is easy to give a cash gift through Thankyou. Simply go to the mum’s baby gift registry, hit ‘Contribute Online’ and use your credit card to give any amount to the gift you have selected. Quick and easy, right? You can even send a note along with your cash gift, making it more personal and special!

Cash – the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that everyone appreciates.

Thankyou makes it classier and more tasteful for you. For the new mum who needs support, we’re here to hold your hand and make your baby shower is pain free.

Find out more about baby gift registries and your options for listing your gifts at Thankyou! Call us or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!

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