Big Ticket Items? List Them As Contribution Gifts!

14th May, 2012

Big Ticket Items? List Them As Contribution Gifts!

Many online gift registries like Thankyou provide options for occasion organisers to list gifts at varying price points in order to give more chances for their guests to select items that are suited to their budget. When it comes to big ticket items for weddings or baby showers and other special occasions, Thankyou allows you to list them as contribution gifts, making the gift giving process a whole lot easier for your guests. Everyone will appreciate the convenience of giving a gift without ever leaving the house to shop for one.

What are the big gifts you can place on your registry? Here are some ideas….

  • Appliances – Washing machines, Dryers, and refrigerators are among the most common things that newlyweds need and are essential to couples who are starting to build a new home.
  • Gadgets – Computers, cameras, tablets or TVs usually run to a few hundred dollars and may possibly be out of a guest’s price range. Some guests may find these technology items more important than other traditional items, hence, they deserve to be listed on the registry.
  • Furniture – Big furniture like couches, beds and tables are also expensive and yet necessary to help create your ideal home. Splitting up the cost of these items keeps both you and your guests happy.
  • Honeymoon – Some of your guests may love to send you off to the perfect honeymoon and the perfect way to do this is to have your honeymoon listed for guests to contribute to. You may also break down the “honeymoon items” separately – hotel accommodations, flights, candlelit dinner, spa treats and the like.
  • Big gifts for babies –  While some your guests love to shop for baby clothes, toys and other cute baby stuff, those with zero experience with baby products may find it more convenient to contribute to big items like strollers, cots, tables or play yards.

Along with the convenience of listing contribution gifts, redeeming the funds will also be safe and easier with your Thankyou gift registry. The funds are transferred directly to your nominated bank account and you can use the money to purchase the items yourself or spend them however you like.

Big ticket items need not be difficult to register for. With Thankyou, you can list an unlimited number of contribution gifts, including your big items and have a hassle-free gift list that will make your occasion even more special.

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