Baby Showers Trend: Second hand Gifts

9th June, 2013

Baby Showers Trend: Second hand Gifts

New babies are in need of many things, which is why baby showers and baby gift registries go well together in celebrating a new addition to your family. When Baby No.2 arrives, many mums do not fuss that much, especially when the big items from their first born are still good to be used by their second child.

A new trend now for second time mums is to have a baby shower registry that includes second hand gifts! Toys, gently used clothes, accessories, books or CD’s and DVD’s are very popular picks.  This trend has become very appealing to many mums who are very mindful of spending less on things that will eventually be outgrown or go unneeded.  Yes, babies do grow really fast!

As a mum, the idea of being able to ‘extend the life’ of gently used baby items is something we really like and if we are on the receiving end, we would also be grateful because we are going to save a lot of cash on big ticket must-haves.

And as a gift registry that spells ultimate flexibility, Thankyou lets you list any item you like – new items, second hand gifts and all! You can really list everything in your Thankyou baby gift registry.

So mums, how do you like this trend? Share your thoughts with us below.

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