Baby shower planning tips you should know

23rd October, 2013

Baby shower planning tips you should know

Whatever the theme is for the baby shower you are planning to throw for the mum-to-be,  your main focus and goal should be on everyone having a good time! This means good food, fun games and tasty drinks for all! Here are some things you should always observe:

Mum-to-be comes first.

Always check with the mum-to-be before you get too occupied with your baby shower plans. It won’t matter how fabulous your party favors or décor are, if the mum isn’t happy, your party won’t be as fab as you think! Make sure you know what her needs are and that she agrees to the plan before carrying them out. After that, don’t let her worry about it anymore. She’s got lots on her to-do list for the baby’s arrival.

Delegate tasks.

You don’t need to do everything yourself. Ask for help! Make a list of everything that should be done and enlist your trusted, reliable friends to help in the preparations.  There are a few tasks you can assign to them, like decorating, food table setup or cleaning up after the shower.

Keep it short and sweet.

Ideally, baby showers last 2-3 hours. If the party goes longer than that, the mum-to-be might feel uncomfortable and exhausted. Also, set a definite start and end time so the guests won’t feel guilty if they need to leave earlier.

Pick games that everyone can play.

Here’s a great example: You know that ‘guess the poop’ game, where you melt different kinds of chocolate and spread the “poo” inside the diapers? Guests will have to guess the brand or flavor by smelling or tasting the chocolate. It’s fun and cracks everyone up (and makes memorable photos too!) Choose games like this or whatever is suited to you and your friends and you’ll have everyone laughing and enjoying the party!

Make your party meaningful and heartfelt.

Make this event as memorable as possible. Show your support to the future parents by putting in personal touches throughout the shower.  You can use photos from their childhood displayed along with your décor or  have your guests write messages and advice for the parents-to-be.

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