How to create a registry for your second baby

16th July, 2016

How to create a registry for your second baby

Baby number 2 on the way? On the fence about creating a gift registry this time? Well, you are not alone. Many second time mums find it difficult to decide whether to create one or not.

Here, let us help you out. Here are the advantages if you have a gift registry:

Your second baby may have different needs as opposed to your first born. Moreover, baby products always get updated and safety standards change as the years go by. Now, when you create your second baby’s registry, it is best to carefully select items that conform to the current safety rules. This way, you will also be able provide a guide for your family and friends in picking a gift that’s safe for your little one. Click here to continue reading

Eco-friendly baby gift registry

23rd September, 2013

Eco-friendly baby gift registry

Creating a baby gift registry is exciting, especially if you’re a first-time mum… and if you are environmentally conscious, it gets even more challenging. Now, with so many choices out there, where and how do you start? Here’s are some quick tips for you:

If you are listing…

A crib
Choose one that’s made of sustainable wood material, water based finishes, low VOC’s and meets safety standards. Click here to continue reading

Hard to hear: Baby shower no-shows

31st July, 2013

Hard to hear: Baby shower no-shows

You’ve spent many years trying to have a baby, and now that you have received and announced the good news, everyone around you is as excited as you are! One of the fun things about being pregnant is having a baby shower. Most of the time, someone else arranges this event for you – either your best friend or your sister or anyone in the family who volunteered to organise the party in your honor.

However, there is always this “fear” of your guests not showing up and this applies to many occasions as well – weddings, birthdays, housewarming etc. What if you’ve already planned a small gathering and it turned out to be extremely small in the end? Click here to continue reading

Cash gifts are great for baby showers, too!

24th June, 2013

Cash gifts are great for baby showers, too!

Some mums and baby shower guests have strong opinions about the appropriateness of giving and accepting cash instead of gifts during baby showers. The social stigma on cash gifts for special occasions like baby showers is pretty much outdated. After all,  it saves you the shopping trip and ensures that the mum gets what she needs for her new baby.

It is easy to give a cash gift through Thankyou. Simply go to the mum’s baby gift registry, hit ‘Contribute Online’ and use your credit card to give any amount to the gift you have selected. Quick and easy, right? You can even send a note along with your cash gift, making it more personal and special!

Cash – the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that everyone appreciates.

Thankyou makes it classier and more tasteful for you. For the new mum who needs support, we’re here to hold your hand and make your baby shower is pain free.

Find out more about baby gift registries and your options for listing your gifts at Thankyou! Call us or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!

A Super-minimalist’s baby Gift Registry

21st June, 2013

A Super-minimalist’s baby Gift Registry

For first-time-mums, we can get easily carried away while browsing through a list of irresistibly cute items for your little one’s arrival. Some of these things make their way to your baby gift registry, and admittedly, like many other mums, we also make a few mistakes sometimes by including stuff that may not be used right away.

Do you wish to keep your baby gift registry smart,simple and minimal? Here are some of our suggested basics – things that you will need two or more of during the first few weeks.

Nappies (newborn size)

Baby wipes

Onesies or jumpsuits (with footies)

Blankets for swaddling

An infant car seat

A crib or a bassinet

Feel the need for something more? Well, it pays to get some good advice from family and friends who have had babies before, especially if it’s your first time. Make sure to get products that adhere to safety standards before including them in your list (yes, that means research too). Here are some more tips about baby registries.

Find out more information about your Thankyou baby gift registry here.

Sprinkle parties – the new baby shower!

18th June, 2013

Sprinkle parties – the new baby shower!

Mums-to-be, want your shower to be as fab and hip as you are? We have some quick ideas for welcoming your baby with a classy bang.

Today, baby showers are much lighter compared to the all-out shower bash. Some event planners call it a ‘sprinkle’. Sprinkle parties are usually organised for mums who already have little ones at home. They receive just the items they need and not what they already have at home for a newborn. And, if your first child is a girl and you’re expecting a boy this time, you can have the event focus on the boy stuff. Food at sprinkle parties are also lighter – you can consider serving miniature versions of any treats that you love. Mini-foods like French toast squares, cupcake bars and fruit kabobs are preferable and a creative way to add some zest to your treats without worrying about the mess.

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Baby Showers Trend: Second hand Gifts

9th June, 2013

Baby Showers Trend: Second hand Gifts

New babies are in need of many things, which is why baby showers and baby gift registries go well together in celebrating a new addition to your family. When Baby No.2 arrives, many mums do not fuss that much, especially when the big items from their first born are still good to be used by their second child.

A new trend now for second time mums is to have a baby shower registry that includes second hand gifts! Toys, gently used clothes, accessories, books or CD’s and DVD’s are very popular picks.  This trend has become very appealing to many mums who are very mindful of spending less on things that will eventually be outgrown or go unneeded.  Yes, babies do grow really fast!

As a mum, the idea of being able to ‘extend the life’ of gently used baby items is something we really like and if we are on the receiving end, we would also be grateful because we are going to save a lot of cash on big ticket must-haves.

And as a gift registry that spells ultimate flexibility, Thankyou lets you list any item you like – new items, second hand gifts and all! You can really list everything in your Thankyou baby gift registry.

So mums, how do you like this trend? Share your thoughts with us below.

Creating a Baby Gift Registry – the Stress-free way

23rd May, 2013

Creating a Baby Gift Registry – the Stress-free way

Hey, mums-to-be, don’t let those 9 months of baby excitement get away from you without registering for your baby shower!

Creating a baby registry be time-consuming – especially when you have to go to a baby store! Oh, unless you consider yourself a pro at navigating aisles and aisles of baby products with a scanner gun on hand,  it would be best if you start off carefully and choose the best baby registry that lets you have it your way.

Here are some great tips from the Thankyou gift registry experts:

Ask for suggestions from your friends and family.

Chances are, you have at least a friend/relative/family or two who is also pregnant or have kids.  They will be very helpful in filling in your knowledge pool! These ladies surely remember how overwhelming it is to choose the right baby stuff and they will gladly give you their suggested must-haves. They can also provide you with products they’ve tried themselves – you know, those little known mum secrets!

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8 Hot Baby Trends This 2013

21st May, 2013

8 Hot Baby Trends This 2013

Waiting for your little bub to arrive this year?

A mum-to-be this 2013  who wishes to keep up with the latest baby trends has so many great choices. Many baby magazines have predicted the hot trends, but here are the things that we think you can look out for:

The Royal Baby

Of course! Everyone has probably “crowned” him or her ‘baby of the year’. It’s actually hard to ignore a Royal newborn, especially if it’s parents are the so well-loved Will and Kate. Expect replicas of the royal maternity ensemble or baby gear and even the cutest royal baby souvenir items on display around baby shops in town. Click here to continue reading

A Baby Gift Registry For Will and Kate!

10th December, 2012

A Baby Gift Registry For Will and Kate!

Having a baby is a tricky business and only one thing is for certain, Princess or pauper, your world is about to change!

Whilst it is early days still we thought we’d put together a baby gift list for the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. Take a look, see what you think.

For  the royal baby of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Did we miss anything? What would you add on this list for Will and Kate’s baby?