An easier way to RSVP

4th July, 2013

An easier way to RSVP

Hey, did we just hear you guys fighting over RSVPs? Yeah, it’s one of those things in the wedding planning that spark disagreements between couples – one prefers to send an RSVP paper card, the other wants to get it done online. You can actually do both, but if you wish to save on paper and printing costs, we have a great option for you!

Thankyou loves to make everything easier, so while your guests are logged in to your gift registry, you  can also give them the option to send their RSVPs on line. It’s convenient and easy! They don’t have to take the old school route of filling out a card with their meal preferences and dropping it in the mail anymore. They can simply fill out the form in the RSVP & Telegrams tab of your gift registry and you’ll receive it right away.

You can download a spreadsheet or PDF version of the RSVP list and print it from there. Since this list also includes your guests dietary preferences, you can provide a copy  to your caterer so they are able to prepare appropriate meal options for your guests who are on a special diet.

There are many wedding planning elements that can be done more effectively and we at Thankyou love to help you with those!

What do you think of our online RSVP functionality? Share your thoughts with us below.

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