A Big Hit – Thankyou Online Gift Registry!

25th February, 2013

A Big Hit – Thankyou Online Gift Registry!

We’ve been in the business for nine years now and over those years, Thankyou’s online gift registry has helped many occasion organisers with life’s big events.

Online gift registries with Thankyou are a big hit, not only with organisers but with your Guests too! And Why? The feedback we get is because we provide are the most flexible, tasteful and convenient gift list you will find on the web. We always like to provide you with something that is suited to you and that’s why we take pride in saying that Thankyou is Your Gift Registry, Your Way!

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Remarriages and Gift Registries

9th July, 2012

Remarriages and Gift Registries

They say it’s sweeter and lovelier the second time around.

Whether it’s couples renewing their vows or people who have found love again, a remarriage is a moment that is celebrated with the same joy and is one that also involves very detailed planning.

And of course, if there’s a wedding, there will always be gifts! No matter how much a couple would emphasize the “no gifts please” request on their invitations, there will always be wedding guests who cannot go to an occasion empty-handed. It doesn’t matter if it’s your second or third marriage – your guests will always hope to give you something useful and special.

With this, many couples who have created wedding gift registries for their first marriage ask if it is okay to have a gift registry for their second wedding. Thankyou gift registry experts advise remarrying couples that it is perfectly alright to create one again. Every marriage is a celebration of love and commitment and wedding presents are wonderful congratulatory gestures. Naturally, guests invited to a second wedding wish to share the bride and groom’s happiness through their presents. However, the basic rules of etiquette apply, if you’re going to ask, make sure you ask nicely!

We’ve also seen many remarrying couples creating online wedding registries like thankyou nowadays because it allows them to list non-traditional gift items. Most of the time, couples who get married for the second time are older and more established and may not need additional things for their home. With an online gift list, they are able to list a second honeymoon, experience and lifestyle gifts or adventures they have not yet tried. Guests can either purchase these for them or contribute cash to their gift registry. Some couples also include donations to a charity of their choice. They are also able to list the traditional items again and based on the trend we’ve seen over the years, this time around, their main purpose is to replace or upgrade their worn out kitchen equipment, appliances or get the latest décor that suit their home.

Couples getting married again need not feel awkward about creating a gift registry for their wedding. Your guests want to give something and prefer a guide to know which presents you will both appreciate. A wedding gift registry is always appropriate and useful whether for a first wedding or a remarriage.