A Gift Registry for all Occasions

20th June, 2013

A Gift Registry for all Occasions

How do you like the convenience of not having to set up different registries at different stores everywhere? An online gift registry like Thankyou will help you list any item from any store located anywhere in town or online.  What’s even better is that, you can use the same gift registry for another celebration!

Yes, that’s how we roll. Did you sign up for a bridal shower registry? You can use the same one or update the list to be used for your wedding. There’s no need to create a separate one. Just update the occasion type and date in your account – it’s as easy as that. You can also request our team to do this for you – they’d be delighted to help!

A lot of our Occasion Organisers have used their gift registries twice – for the engagement and then their wedding, for a baby shower and then a la’chaim, for a wedding and then their anniversary! How cool is that?

We’re happy to help you make your wishes come true on all your special days. Take a look at our gift registry offering and see which one will work for you!

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