7 Gifts you should never give someone

9th July, 2013

7 Gifts you should never give someone

In line with improving your gift-giving skills, Thankyou would like to give you some more tips! Check out the list below and steer clear of these items, unless the person specifically asks for them.

  • A diet cookbook – Don’t. Ever. Unless it was requested by the recipient.

  • Holiday themed items – Don’t give presents that can only be used once a year.

  • Advice books and self-help books  – Again, unless the recipient asks for it, or is fond of collecting these, scratch this item off  your potential gifts.

  • Hair dye – Oh no. It’s screaming, “you need a touch up.”

  • Bathroom scale – Come on. Don’t give something that will possibly torture someone throughout the year.

  • Housecleaning products and air fresheners – Even if it’s in their favorite scent, don’t. It’s  telling them to clean up or saying that their house smells.

  • Waxing gift certificates – Don’t force them to get rid of their body hair.

What other items would you add to this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts in Comments below.

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